Branch Art…

I love bringing nature inside. And most of all, I adore saving money. Here is an easy Do It Yourself project that does both!

First, I clipped a few branches from the many trees in my yard (I literally have a forest around me)…



 Then, I spray painted them white, leaving a little natural brown to show through to give a more natural look.

 And voila! A natural and inexpensive addition to the corner of my living room!















A Cornucopia of Pumpkins…

I love Autumn and I love pumpkins! Here are some unique ways to display pumpkins in your home…

 I love the idea of spray painting pumpkins with a candy corn motif. Fun way to express the season. I particularly like the look of gilding them with a silver, gold or metallic paint. It adds a bit of elegance to a typical holiday decoration.


I fancy the simple elegance of these pumpkins which are painted white and displayed on mini tree branch bases.


 I adore this stark contrast of orange with white. A very elegant yet rustic table!


This pumpkin centerpiece could be beautiful in any setting. You could substitute mums or any seasonal flower. Love it!




And here is my very own version of a white pumpkin centerpiece!

There’s A Chill In The Air…

One of my favorite looks is a warm rustic living room. The combination of stone, leather, the color white and natural elements lends itself to curling up with a good book in front of the fire. The above picture was found at

DIY Office Mat… jungle fever!

I’m in the process of revamping my home office/studio in a corner of our unfinished basement. I’m trying to make it reflect my personality and taste as much as possible. One element that is very trendy right now and adds a modern touch is a zebra pattern. Here’s my DIY attempt to modernize my space and give it a little bit of much needed flare! It took a total of 5 days to complete (I wanted to make sure I let each application of spray paint dry) and was overall very easy. The only supplies I needed were a plain clear office mat, a floor stencil, spray paint, painter’s tape, a mask and a well-ventilated area. Hope you like it. I love it!


Plain office mat

Wall/Floor Stencil from AC Moore


Tape the stencil down and spray!


Voila! MY Do-It-Yourself Zebra Office mat!