From Ordinary Log to Living Room Art

Because of the many storms and infamous hurricanes here on the east coast, our neighborhood has ended up with quite a few downed trees. As a result, various tree companies and ambitious chain-saw toting neighbors deposited an unending supply of firewood on our curbs. You can only chop so much wood and make so many patio end tables! With the assistance of my daughter, I decided to take one ordinary log and transform it into a work of living room art.

We began by stripping the log’s bark and sanding it down.

Log 1

We went through quite a bit of sandpaper. The hand-held electric sanders are wonderful for small jobs as ours.

Then, with acrylic paints in hand, my daughter painted only the top end with a contemporary abstract design dictated by the natural rings and grains. We made sure that the colors used would complement the already existing color scheme of our living room.

log 2


Once the paint was allowed to dry for 24 hours, we then covered the entire log with a coat of clear high gloss polyurethane protective finish.


After applying two coats of the finish and waiting approximately two days, we then turned the log over and installed the wheels. We used an electric drill first to drill holes where the screws would go and then switched to the screwdriver mode to finish the job. Having the right tools is a must to making a project easy!

log with wheels attached

I installed wheels that could lock to keep the end table in place if need be.

finish log

Our ordinary log has been transformed into living room art! It is both functional and beautiful and reflects our family’s creative individuality.

log 5

Every time I walk through our living room, I am reminded of the enjoyable quality time I spent with my daughter making this masterpiece. It is a treasured item and work of art that is totally unique to our family. It gives a rustic and artful touch while reflecting our home’s exterior natural landscape.