La Bella Autunno… Fall Leaves Garland

Autumn Leaves GarlandAhhh! What a beautiful autumn season we are having here in Princeton, NJ. Just yesterday, on my way back from meeting my kids’ school bus, my kids and I noticed a gorgeous colorful tree. While my youngest was busy kicking and scampering through the leaves, my daughter and I picked up some of the most beautiful fall leaves.

Beautiful Fall leaves

Beautiful Fall leaves

I thought we would just display the leaves around our pumpkin/fall themed centerpiece. But when I went into my office/studio I noticed a can of polycrylic clear protective finish I was using to finish off some bedroom furniture I had recently painted. Hmmmm? Could I use that polycrylic finish to somehow capture la bella autunno we had just witnessed? Here is what I came up with…

First, I laid out all the beautiful leaves we had collected and applied the clear gloss polycrylic finish to each side of the leaves, allowing approximately 3 hours of drying time for each side (with the help of a fan).

Applying a polycrylic finish

Applying a polycrylic finish

Secondly, I cut off the stems, and using a hole punch, punched holes at the base of each leaf.

Cutting the stems off

Cutting the stems off

Punching a hole in each leaf

Punching a hole in each leaf

I then tied twine on each leaf looping it through the punched hole.

Tied a loop of twine on each leaf

Tied a loop of twine on each leaf

After putting a twin loop on each leaf, I laid the leaves out in a row and ran another long piece of twine through each loop.

Running twine through each loop

Running twine through each loop

And there you have it. I’m bringing la bella autunno inside my home with this unique and festive fall leaves garland. If I pack it away carefully in tissue paper, I’m hoping to enjoy for many years to come. But, I’m sure this same technique could be done with artificial leaves as well.windowgarlandwithlogo

Décoration automnale

Just thought I’d share some of my favorite inspiring decorating ideas for Autumn.  Viva la decoration automnale! I just love autumn on the east coast.


I love the touch of gold in this otherwise simple décor.


Cute idea to suspend mini pumpkins from otherwise bare branches. From


I love the monochromatic combination of the mums and pumpkins on the steps.

Great idea to use pumpkins as vases for mums. The white pumpkin adds a bit of a twist and elegance.

white pumpkins

Here again white pumpkins are used, but mini ones this time around. The burlap and pistachios add an organic and natural touch. They are glued onto a Styrofoam base. Could also use a plain grapevine wreath as a base to add even more of a natural flavor.


I love pears paired with evergreen, but the combination of pears with fall leaves is unquestionable. I love the simple elegance.


Placing mini pumpkins at the bottom of clear glass vases is an unexpected touch. Adds additional color and pop to the beautiful fall stems.


A simple yet festive idea is to use candy corn. Who doesn’t love candy corn? Simple mason jars paired with orange candles and candy corn will add color and fun to any décor. I’m going to try this one myself!


From Martha Stewart, a simple and elegant all white autumn display. For those crafter/home interior designers who appreciate a more simple touch. J’adore!


What could be more fun for kids than cut-out oranges full of m&m’s? Love the simple and inexpensive treat!

From Plow & Hearth, tree faces! Very unique and scary too!
Contemporary Holiday Decorations – sculpted tree branches to bring pumpkins to life!
Modern Spaces by Denver Media & Bloggers Delicate Creature – love the simple and clean repetition.




Pumpkin Tea Lights That Last More Than One Season!

I recently spotted these adorable pumpkin tea light candles at

PumpkinTeaLightsbyEliza Domestica

Being a bit of a frugal crafty myself, I prefer to make things that will last. So I took a trip to my local AC Moore craft store. I found four miniature fake pumpkins.


I first cut off the brown stems with an exacto knife.


Then I outlined the tea lights with a pencil.


Using my exacto knife again, I carefully cut out the circle and scraped out the material to match the depth of the tea light.


Then I inserted the tea lights. You want it to be a little bit of a tight squeeze, that way the white interior of the pumpkin won’t show. If some does show through, just use a yellow sharpie to touch up the area.


And voila! My very own mini pumpkin tea lights that will last more than one season!


Next time I’m going to try these apple candles, only with artificial ones! Forever the frugal crafter!