Ornements étoiles

J’adore les étoiles! I love stars! I decided to make some very French stars to use as Christmas ornaments. First, I bought plain unfinished wooden stars at a local craft store. The ones I bought had pre-drilled holes and ribbons. I cut off the ribbon.


Then I painted them all white and sanded down the edges for a distressed look.


Voila! They look beautiful plain.


But I decided to follow a transfer method I found on youtube and transfer French graphics onto them. The method works really well and can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSfj6eiNzew. I got some of the graphics from The Graphics Fairy under Vintage French Typography. Just make sure to reverse the images to a mirror image before printing out (I paste the images into a Microsoft Publisher document, save them as a JPEG, insert them into a different Publisher document and then flip them horizontally.


I used an exacto knife to trim the transfer medium that was created by the transfer process.


Because I love everything Scandinavian, I had to create a Swedish “God Jul!” And, because my husband is Greek, I also made a few Greek “Kala Christougenna” ones as well.


I found a wonderful vintage Santa with Joyeux Noel that I just love.


I came across a beautiful Greek Orthodox icon of an angel that is magical.


I created my own Joyeux Noel Eiffel Tower star ornament. I love Paris!!!


I also made a few more Kala Christougenna (Merry Christmas in Greek) ones with the Greek flag pattern. I’m going to sell these our Greek Orthodox church’s Christmas Fair.


There were quite a few graphics available under “vintage Christmas.” I love the God Jul graphic I found.


Voila! My very own beaux ornements étoiles! I picked up some branches outside in my yard and spray painted them with silver glitter. The stars hang beautifully!


Idées de déco de une échelle

Idées de déco de une échelle! Decorating ideas with a ladder!

Almost everyone has a ladder in their home. If it’s just sitting in your garage or shed, think about using it in an unconventional way:  as a home décor element in your interior design. If you don’t have one, you can make your own! (see how I did it below.)

I adore the hanging ladder (below). Very easy concept to copy!

The natural-looking ladders made from branches (above) inspired me to create my own.

I collected fallen branches from my own yard then sanded each one with my hand sander.

I then cut five 16 inch pieces and taped them into place on the two longer branches.


I drilled holes and then screwed each side of the 16 inch branch into place. I used 2.5 inch screws with thicker branches and 2 inch screws with the more narrow ones.

echelle decoratif

decoratif echelle2


IMG_5588bI love my very own échelle décoratif. I hung simple clear bulb lights like the Scandinavian interior designers do.

une echelleI hope you’ll be inspired to create your own échelle décoratif. I would love to see what you come up with!