Che figata FRIDAY! “That’s COOL” in Italian!

I recently came across these very unique lamps. They come from Borgo delle Tovaglie and are handmade in Italy. They are made with stacks of vintage books and beautiful linen shades.


They are part of their README collection.

1370791569Lampade%20tavolo[1]You could easily knock-off this idea and make one yourself. I also love the idea of making an end table out of stacked books (see below),

or a lamp stand. Glue the stacked books together and paint them all one color, like the one featured below, for a unique and modern twist.

Che figata! Have a wonderful, warm and creative weekend!

Malatesta Maison

A one-time country home of the Malatesta family (an Italian family that ruled over Rimini, Italy from 1295 until 1500) has been passionately restored into a family-owned B&B, the Malatesta Maison. This rustic stone farmhouse in the valley of the Marches, has modern elements like concrete and metal in its interior (an innovative contrast to the exterior) that is complimented by its simple and vintage décor.

The interior reflects the Scandinavian design style (from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland) with its clean lines, light textiles, scaled back accessories and mid-century furniture.

The eclectic taste of the owners, Claudia and Carlo Ruzza, is simple, functional and minimalistic.

Black accents contrast the stark white walls and neutral pallette, and add dimension and texture.


Mon Cœur Métallique

Mon Cœur Métallique! I love my metal heart!
Wire heart filled with corksI recently came across an adorable decorative heart made from chicken wire.

I also found some other unique items made from chicken wire.


The chicken wire objects inspired me to create my own Cœur Métallique (metal heart). I already had some leftover chicken wire stored in our garage. I cut out a heart shape on two pieces.


Then, using a long strand of wire I connected the two heart shaped pieces.


I filled it with wine corks I had been saving!


chickenwireheartwithcorksI love mon coeur metallique! Great Valentine décor idea for a wine enthusiast!

J’ Adore Mes Coeurs

J’ adore mes coeurs! I was inspired by Valentine’s Day to finally take down some leftover holiday greens and pine cones and transition to hearts. I had some extra fabric sitting around and came up with the idea of sewing hearts. I love how they turned out!
Valentine Fabric HeartsI made burlap ones. I filled all the hearts with polyester fiber fill.
Burlap Hearts in Wire Basket

I had bought a linen table runner at a rummage sale this past fall for $1.00 and decided to use that for linen hearts. I also had an old cashmere grey sweater that had moth holes. So I used that fabric as well.
Linen and Cashmere Hearts

I found an old Burberry wool scarf that the moths had gotten a hold of. I think these are my favorite! J’ adore mes Coeurs Burberry!
Burberry Hearts

I displayed some in a wire basket in my living room.
Wire basket of fabric hearts

I put the remainder on some branches I collected and added Valentine lights.
Tree branches with lights and hanging hearts

Here are some other fabric hearts I found while spanning the globe!



Vintertid in Princeton, New Jersey

It’s wintertime in Princeton, New Jersey! We’ve had a few storms lately and the streets are blanketed with snow. I thought I would share some of the beautiful streets and lovely houses I get to see everyday! Downtown Princeton ShopsPalmer Square, Princeton NJPrinceton Shops Palmer Square ShopWitherspoon Street in Princeton, NJNassau Street, Princeton NJ

Mercer Street Houses, Princeton NJPrinceton NJ housePrinceton NJ houseWoodrow Wilson Home, Princeton NJPrinceton NJ housePrinceton NJ farmhouseBattleRoadPrinceton NJ houseBoudinot St House in Princeton, NJ

My kids and I decided to take advantage of all of the snow!
Sledding in Princeton, NJKids Sledding in Princeton, NJMe & my son in Princeton, NJ