Greek Island Style

I’m reminiscent of my few trips to Greece and am missing the warm sun, temperate weather and turquoise blue seas. Like the landscape, the Greek island ethos is relaxed, casual and organic. The Greek Island Style of interior design reflects this easy, unpretentious approach.


Industrial Chic

I love the industrial chic look of the UK Restaurant chain, Bill’s – Breakfast to Bedtime (Restaurant, Cafe & Shop). The interiors are a mixture of industrial & shabby chic featuring old leather armchairs, reclaimed wood, upcycled chandeliers and exposed brick. It is relaxed and informal and a little quirky.

DIY Lettre en fil métallique

Last year when I was visiting family, I came across this very cool wire letter at a store called Nathan & Company located on Coolidge Avenue in Oakland, California. It inspired me to look into interior decor utilizing fil métallique (metal wire). Below, are some incredibly unique ways of incorporating fil métallique in interior design.

I love these wire chandeliers by Zoe Rumeau.

The wire work of Marie Christophe (below) fuses decorative art with sculpture.

I also love the creations of Marie Bossee. Her lights, mobiles and decorative objects are inspired by nature.

Other exciting and unique fil métallique pieces….



I was so inspired by all of the above fil métallique art, sculptures and light fixtures that I was motivated to create my own lettre en fil métallique. I began by printing out a large letter “P” (my last name initial) on my computer using Microsoft Publisher. The size was 24″ x 32″.
Globalknockoffs.comI printed it out in pieces and taped it together.
Using it as a template, I laid my wire mesh on it and cut it to size. I used wire cutters and wore garden gloves to protect my hands.
I cut out two “P” shapes and two five inch strips.
I made sure that the ends that met would consist of one side having teeth and one flat. Using pliers I bent the teeth around the flat side.
I love my lettre en fil métallique. It is a very unique sculptural piece of art.
Metalinitial@Globalknockoffs2Metalinitial@Globalknockoffs3I am so happy I came across that very cool wire initial at Nathan & Company. It inspired me to look into interior decor utilizing fil métallique and motivated me to make my own lettre en fil métallique.

California Shore Decor

My kids on SF Bay

My kids on SF Bay – November 2014

Last summer my husband, our kids and I visited extended family in Northern California. We spent a morning frolicking around the shores of the beautiful San Francisco Bay.

My kids and I on SF Bay – July 2014

While hiking around the beautiful bay, we picked up a piece of driftwood. I decided to use this simple momento of our wonderful trip to make a candle centerpiece. I love using natural elements in interior design. Here are some examples of driftwood decor…

Here are some driftwood candle holders that inspired me…

All I needed to knockoff the beautiful driftwood candle holders above was my piece of driftwood, a drill with a circular bit and tea lights.
Materials for driftwood candle holder

Driftwood & drilled holesI used a 1-1/2 inches circular drill bit. It took me a total of 5 minutes to drill all of the holes.
Driftwood candle holderIt was very easy. I used a handheld cordless Dirt Devil vacuum for an easy cleanup.
Globalknockoffs.comDriftwoodCandleabra2I love my driftwood candle holder. It looks beautiful on my dining room table.
I hope you were inspired to knockoff your own driftwood candle holder. I love my natural looking California Shore decor!