Feuilles d’Automne (Autumn Leaves Décor)

When decorating my home for fall, I love to use elements straight from nature. What could be better than fall foliage? Autumn leaves, whether real or artificial, add a natural and organic touch. They give a simple, warm and colorful feel to any room.
I love the effortless and spontaneous look of simple piles of leaves used as a centerpiece in Elle Maison (above) or a bunch of branches in a galvanized metal pail (below).
A single leaf on each place setting … a very simple and elegant idea. This would be so cute for Thanksgiving Day (if the leaves are still around by then!).
What could be more simple than wrapping colorful autumn leaves around a wine bottle?
craftandcreativity-com-3   craftandcreativity-com-2
A simple technique of stringing leaves from a chandelier can add a little touch of autumn in a dining room, kitchen or outdoor space.
Draping autumn leaves on chairs is an easy and inexpensive décor idea. Mix them with tulle and ribbon or spray paint them with metallic colors for a more elegant look.
emersonmerrick-blogspot-comOr accessorize with burlap and raffia for a more rustic feel as Cobblestone Farms did below.
Another beautiful way to use autumn leaves is to simply put some branches in a large vase with pre-lit twigs (below).
Another simple technique is to wrap leaves around a votive. Tie it with twine and add a small flower.
Or use autumn leaves as an added accessory. I love the warm look of this sweater-wrapped candle from Family Chic (below).
I’ve seen fall leaf wreaths all over the place but the one below from HGTV is fresh and unique. See how to make your own handmade wreath from leaves in your own back yard. I am so doing this!
Here are some of my favorite simple and unique autumn decorating ideas to do with leaves…
Autumn leaf garland   Ghost Leaves   ohsobeautifulpaper
nicestthings.com   metallicfallleavesthecrazycraftlady-com   landolakes-com

Fall DIY Burlap Leaves

I found these cute packages of burlap leaves at Wal-mart the other day. They were only $1.34 USD. I decided to buy one package in every color and use them for a little DIY fall project. The only other thing I needed was twine.
All I had to do was twist the wire on each leaf onto the twine. I spaced them about 4 inches apart.
Now I have a simple yet beautiful fall decoration for my kitchen. I love it!

En Skandinavisk Autumn… A Scandinavian Autumn?


morechicthanshabby.com on Pinterest

I love decorating for the Autumn. But sometimes I get a little tired of all of the clutter (i.e.., orange pumpkins, leaves, hay stacks, scarecrows, etc.). I’ve discovered some blogs and websites from around the world that have focused on a very simple, minimalist approach to Fall, without all the noisy extras.


Yellow Bliss Road

This simple, light and airy approach is very Scandinavian.


It emphasizes organic and clean elements like white pumpkins and few accessories.



The designs are simple and the décor comes directly from nature.


Piece of Make

Why complicate things? The Scandinavian approach to design is very simple, clean and straightforward. It has minimal ornamentation. The simple arrangement of pumpkins and gourds below from bhg.com is a perfect example.

Better Homes and Gardens

White on white is a very pure and pared back look. I love the understated elegance.

Cute and Co.


Cute and Co.

Calm and serene neutrals and whites with elements of light are distinctly Scandinavian.


Tiny White Daisies

Julie Blanner scales back the Fall accessories. Below, simple pumpkins and gourds are showcased in a fireplace. Their soft and airy colors give off a Scandinavian ambience.


Julie Blanner


Julie Blanner

Scandinavian design draws inspiration from nature. Neutral pale colors and glass accents help to maximize and reflect light.

Centsational Girl

Scandinavians bring nature indoors as much as possible. A cute DIY Autumn craft that does just that is stringing natural Fall leaves with family photos. Very simple.


Tea on the Moon

Below, I created some of my own simple and pared back décor for Fall. I, however, don’t mind a little color. I even incorporated some souvenirs from a trip to Greece, wine bottles from the Halkidiki peninsula and Crete.
I incorporated natural elements like acorns and pinecones my son found on a recent walk to school.
If you want a Scandinavian Autumn look in your home, just keep things simple, clean and minimal. Incorporate natural elements. Emphasize pale muted tones and elements of light. A Scandinavian Autumn style will bring an understated elegance to your Fall interior.