California Shore Decor

My kids on SF Bay

My kids on SF Bay – November 2014

Last summer my husband, our kids and I visited extended family in Northern California. We spent a morning frolicking around the shores of the beautiful San Francisco Bay.

My kids and I on SF Bay – July 2014

While hiking around the beautiful bay, we picked up a piece of driftwood. I decided to use this simple momento of our wonderful trip to make a candle centerpiece. I love using natural elements in interior design. Here are some examples of driftwood decor…

Here are some driftwood candle holders that inspired me…

All I needed to knockoff the beautiful driftwood candle holders above was my piece of driftwood, a drill with a circular bit and tea lights.
Materials for driftwood candle holder

Driftwood & drilled holesI used a 1-1/2 inches circular drill bit. It took me a total of 5 minutes to drill all of the holes.
Driftwood candle holderIt was very easy. I used a handheld cordless Dirt Devil vacuum for an easy cleanup.
Globalknockoffs.comDriftwoodCandleabra2I love my driftwood candle holder. It looks beautiful on my dining room table.
I hope you were inspired to knockoff your own driftwood candle holder. I love my natural looking California Shore decor!

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