Metal Dutch House Candle Holders

facebook-com-love-for-all-seasonsI just discovered my new favorite collectible! Metal Dutch House Candleholders.
They are so delicate-looking. I love the simple Scandinavian touch they give to your Christmas décor.
The metal houses depict the historic canal houses in Amsterdam.
They are made from a variation of materials:  galvanized metal (my favorite), porcelain, cement and paper. You could even make simple ones yourself from milk cartons.
I love the charming shapes of the windows and rooftops.
Here’s a modern twist of the classic style (below) from the Scandinavian Design Center.
I love the Nordic village atop the Zinc Advent Calendar (below). A beautiful and festive decoration that can be passed down from generation to generation.
I scanned the globe to find some of my own metal Dutch candle holders. I was lucky to find a pair at Pier1 Imports and one at Wal-mart. Because they only had them in red, I spray painted them with Valspar Chalky Finish white spray paint (below).
Pier 1 Imports Candle holders

I love how they turned out.
Advent CalendarI placed them next to my white Scandinavian Advent Calendar that I bought at The Farmhouse Store. It has the most adorable little village that lights up.
Advent Calendar village
I also came across some Dutch House Pillar Candle holders that are just as cute as the tea light holders (below).
Dutch House Candle holdersI l love the Scandinavian flavor my new Metal Dutch House Candle holders give to my Christmas decor. They are so delicate, simple and warm. Below, are some porcelain Dutch House Candle holders. They have beautiful window and chimney details and glow softly when filled with tea lights.
porcelain Dutch House tea light holders
Dutch house porcelain candle holder

Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

Now that Halloween is over, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I came across some beautiful and unique Thanksgiving table setting ideas that have inspired me to begin planning our annual feast.
I love the idea of using simple organic elements like neutral colored pumpkins and gourds, sprigs of herbs and greens.
twigandthistle-comIncorporating rustic elements like a reclaimed wood, galvanized metals, burlap, linen and old wooden boxes give a French country feel.
Wheat bundles reflect the beauty of an autumn harvest. They are simple fall décor elements that are perfect for Thanksgiving. One of my favorites!
Using little sprigs of wheat adds a delicate harvest touch.
Happy Thanksgiving!

My Natural Leaf Wreath

I came across this natural leaf wreath at I love utilizing nature when decorating for fall. So, I decided to knock-it-off myself! I picked up some colorful leaves one morning as I was walking my son to school.
Then, I sprayed them with an acrylic coating to preserve them.
Using a simple thread and needle, I linked the leaves together and then wired the entire ring of leaves onto a metal wreath frame.
I love my natural leaf wreath! I hope you do too.

My Chicken Wire Pumpkin

I love chicken wire. So I was very excited when I came across the following chicken wire pumpkin at Craftberry Bush.
It has an industrial French country look to it, combining the wire with twine.
I loved it so much, I had to knock it off.
Being an artist, I emphasized the sculptural aspect of it.
Being pragmatic, I made it so it serves a purpose beyond just decoration. It holds all of the wine corks I have been saving.
Happy fall!

Feuilles d’Automne (Autumn Leaves Décor)

When decorating my home for fall, I love to use elements straight from nature. What could be better than fall foliage? Autumn leaves, whether real or artificial, add a natural and organic touch. They give a simple, warm and colorful feel to any room.
I love the effortless and spontaneous look of simple piles of leaves used as a centerpiece in Elle Maison (above) or a bunch of branches in a galvanized metal pail (below).
A single leaf on each place setting … a very simple and elegant idea. This would be so cute for Thanksgiving Day (if the leaves are still around by then!).
What could be more simple than wrapping colorful autumn leaves around a wine bottle?
craftandcreativity-com-3   craftandcreativity-com-2
A simple technique of stringing leaves from a chandelier can add a little touch of autumn in a dining room, kitchen or outdoor space.
Draping autumn leaves on chairs is an easy and inexpensive décor idea. Mix them with tulle and ribbon or spray paint them with metallic colors for a more elegant look.
emersonmerrick-blogspot-comOr accessorize with burlap and raffia for a more rustic feel as Cobblestone Farms did below.
Another beautiful way to use autumn leaves is to simply put some branches in a large vase with pre-lit twigs (below).
Another simple technique is to wrap leaves around a votive. Tie it with twine and add a small flower.
Or use autumn leaves as an added accessory. I love the warm look of this sweater-wrapped candle from Family Chic (below).
I’ve seen fall leaf wreaths all over the place but the one below from HGTV is fresh and unique. See how to make your own handmade wreath from leaves in your own back yard. I am so doing this!
Here are some of my favorite simple and unique autumn decorating ideas to do with leaves…
Autumn leaf garland   Ghost Leaves   ohsobeautifulpaper   metallicfallleavesthecrazycraftlady-com   landolakes-com

En Skandinavisk Autumn… A Scandinavian Autumn?

morechicthanshabby-com on Pinterest

I love decorating for the Autumn. But sometimes I get a little tired of all of the clutter (i.e.., orange pumpkins, leaves, hay stacks, scarecrows, etc.). I’ve discovered some blogs and websites from around the world that have focused on a very simple, minimalist approach to Fall, without all the noisy extras.


Yellow Bliss Road

This simple, light and airy approach is very Scandinavian.


It emphasizes organic and clean elements like white pumpkins and few accessories.



The designs are simple and the décor comes directly from nature.

Piece of Make

Why complicate things? The Scandinavian approach to design is very simple, clean and straightforward. It has minimal ornamentation. The simple arrangement of pumpkins and gourds below from is a perfect example.

Better Homes and Gardens

White on white is a very pure and pared back look. I love the understated elegance.

Cute and Co.


Cute and Co.

Calm and serene neutrals and whites with elements of light are distinctly Scandinavian.


Tiny White Daisies

Julie Blanner scales back the Fall accessories. Below, simple pumpkins and gourds are showcased in a fireplace. Their soft and airy colors give off a Scandinavian ambience.


Julie Blanner


Julie Blanner

Scandinavian design draws inspiration from nature. Neutral pale colors and glass accents help to maximize and reflect light.

Centsational Girl

Scandinavians bring nature indoors as much as possible. A cute DIY Autumn craft that does just that is stringing natural Fall leaves with family photos. Very simple.


Tea on the Moon

Below, I created some of my own simple and pared back décor for Fall. I, however, don’t mind a little color. I even incorporated some souvenirs from a trip to Greece, wine bottles from the Halkidiki peninsula and Crete.
I incorporated natural elements like acorns and pinecones my son found on a recent walk to school.
If you want a Scandinavian Autumn look in your home, just keep things simple, clean and minimal. Incorporate natural elements. Emphasize pale muted tones and elements of light. A Scandinavian Autumn style will bring an understated elegance to your Fall interior.

Simple Valentine Décor Ideas

Valentine collageThere are so many adorable DIY Valentine crafts and decorations. Here are a few I did myself…
xowreath-globalknockoffs-768x1024I love my XOXOXO! Valentine’s Wreath (above). It’s easy to make and very unique!
cranberry-hearts-on-snow-globalknockoffs-1024x602These are so cute:  simple cranberry hearts. They look beautiful outdoors or in a kitchen. Check out A Swedish Valentine project I did some years ago.
cranberry-heart-globalknockoffs-1024x953J’adore Mon Coeur Metallique! Made from chicken wire, this fun metal heart can be left empty or filled with almost anything. I used wine corks. You could use a tighter wire and fill it with candy.
I hung it in our kitchen.
chickenwireheartwithcorksUsing random material I already had, I created these delicate cloth hearts. I love the burlap against the wire basket. Check out J’Adore Mes Coeurs.
I also made some from linen napkins and an old moth-eaten cashmere sweater. I created a unique Valentine arrangement by hanging them from white spray painted branches.
Check out Les Couleurs de L’Amour- Easy DIY Valentine Décor for more unique and creative ideas.
red heart
Does your child have to make Valentine’s Day cards for his/her class? Here’s another simple, creative and unique Valentine idea. My son Constantine wanted his Valentine’s Day cards to have a baseball theme.
I searched online for baseball valentines. I copied and pasted the art on an 8.5×11 sheet in Microsoft Publisher. I inserted the personal text, :Your friend, Constantine.”
IMG_0522We printed them out and cut them. Constantine then wrote out each name from his class on the back.
I bought some bags of baseball-themed candy at a local party store. We put about five pieces in small snack-size bags and stapled them to the back of the Valentine card.

Constantine loves them and can’t wait to hand them out to all of his friends at school!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

My Favorite Things…

MyFavoriteThingscollage Sheepskin on my sofa and warm woolen throws
Bright metallic tree trunks and Nordic patterns of does
Tall natural ladders with bulbs on a string
These are a few of my favorite things planete-deco.fr4 planete-deco.fr3 From From etsy boligcious.files.wordpress.com2

Cream colored linen and wire pendant lights
Stars made from tree limbs and metal lamps shining bright
Lush boxwood wreaths that form an elegant ring
These are a few of my favorite things

Marie Christophe from The Trendy Girl

Sam_0966[1]  preserved-boxwood-garden-wreath-10-inch-door_1024x1024[1]
Scandinavian trophy heads placed high on a wall
Animal skins and cowhides reflecting the colors of fall
French Country fil de fer, such an elegant thing
These are a few of my favorite things





Books piled high in a vertical way
Lavender bunches in purples and gray
Colorful pom poms and pillows that remind me of spring
These are a few of my favorite things
When the laundry piles up
When the kids scream
When I’m feeling mad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don’t feel so bad.

Mon Cœur Métallique

Mon Cœur Métallique! I love my metal heart!
Wire heart filled with corksI recently came across an adorable decorative heart made from chicken wire.

I also found some other unique items made from chicken wire.


The chicken wire objects inspired me to create my own Cœur Métallique (metal heart). I already had some leftover chicken wire stored in our garage. I cut out a heart shape on two pieces.


Then, using a long strand of wire I connected the two heart shaped pieces.


I filled it with wine corks I had been saving!


chickenwireheartwithcorksI love mon coeur metallique! Great Valentine décor idea for a wine enthusiast!

J’ Adore Mes Coeurs

J’ adore mes coeurs! I was inspired by Valentine’s Day to finally take down some leftover holiday greens and pine cones and transition to hearts. I had some extra fabric sitting around and came up with the idea of sewing hearts. I love how they turned out!
Valentine Fabric HeartsI made burlap ones. I filled all the hearts with polyester fiber fill.
Burlap Hearts in Wire Basket

I had bought a linen table runner at a rummage sale this past fall for $1.00 and decided to use that for linen hearts. I also had an old cashmere grey sweater that had moth holes. So I used that fabric as well.
Linen and Cashmere Hearts

I found an old Burberry wool scarf that the moths had gotten a hold of. I think these are my favorite! J’ adore mes Coeurs Burberry!
Burberry Hearts

I displayed some in a wire basket in my living room.
Wire basket of fabric hearts

I put the remainder on some branches I collected and added Valentine lights.
Tree branches with lights and hanging hearts

Here are some other fabric hearts I found while spanning the globe!