Che figata FRIDAY! “That’s COOL” in Italian!

I recently came across these very unique lamps. They come from Borgo delle Tovaglie and are handmade in Italy. They are made with stacks of vintage books and beautiful linen shades.


They are part of their README collection.

1370791569Lampade%20tavolo[1]You could easily knock-off this idea and make one yourself. I also love the idea of making an end table out of stacked books (see below),

or a lamp stand. Glue the stacked books together and paint them all one color, like the one featured below, for a unique and modern twist.

Che figata! Have a wonderful, warm and creative weekend!

Che Figata FRIDAY! (That’s cool, in Italian!)

On a recent vacation to the San Francisco Bay Area (my home) I came across a unique interior décor shop on College Avenue in Berkeley called Nathan & Co.


I love this very cool pendant lamp (above). With a little ingenuity, you could make this yourself using kitchen gadgets like a colander and pans. Although I love the white, it would look great in stainless steel too! Very cool.


I am planning on knocking off this very cool 3D wire initial (above). What a unique decoration this would be. You could insert clear mini lights to make it a light feature.


Lately, I am really getting into wire baskets being used as light fixtures. This one (above) is very cool! You could recreate this look yourself with a metal fishing basket. Would look great painted a bright color like red or chartreuse. Che figata!


I adore this simple hanging burlap bunny (above). It would be really easy to make. You could stuff it with herbs or potpourri.


If you like the Nordic tradition of hanging antlers on a wall but don’t want to use real ones, these iron antlers (above) would be perfect. Very cool!


I ended up buying these cute hanging candle holders (above). They could easily be copied using a simple water glass and twine. Simple but very cool!

Che figata FRIDAY! (That’s cool, in Italian)

While I was vacationing in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California I visited a little town called Jamestown. It’s a quaint spot just off highway 108 in the center of California gold country. The buildings are reminiscent of the 1840s and 50s gold rush, and several antique stores take you back in time. I came across some very cool wire fishing baskets.

wire baskets

By inserting a light bulb they could easily be transformed into very cool light fixtures similar to the ones featured below.

Che figata! Very cool! 

Che Figata FRIDAY! (That’s cool, in Italian)

In the latest issue of Sköna hem magazine I came across these hanging glass lamps called Hänglykta Glas from Granit.

They are basically wine bottles with a metal hanging device for tea lights on the inside.

You just pull the wine bottle up to insert the tea light. You can purchase a chain separately. I’ve seen wine bottles up cycled into candleholders, but not like this.

hanglykta2Very cool! Che figata!

Che Figata FRIDAY! (that’s cool, in Italian)

My husband was recently in Aarhus, Denmark at the Nordens Folkekokken restaurant. He knew I love cool things. He spotted this very simple candle décor and took a few snapshots for me.

IMG_3650The restaurant used two white wine glasses, crossed the stems and inserted tea lights.

So simple yet so cool.

I love how they use any glass that is available. Why complicate things?

Che figata!

Che Figata FRIDAY! (That’s Cool, in Italian!)

I love this idea (above) of painting an enormous letter (or your initial) on one wall. Che figata!

Unique twist to an ordinary bookcase! Bring the outside inside in a unique way by wallpapering the wall behind a bookcase with a nature-oriented theme. Great way of emphasizing a “green” home.

Love these tiebacks (above). Add a modern and industrial touch with out-of-the-ordinary hardware. Che figata!

I love the chandeliers (above) from Pascal Delmotte and below from Arren Williams Design Lab. Simple, modern and elegant… and very cool.

Another cool feature from Pascal Delmotte (below) is to incorporate natural elements like rocks or boulders into your interior design. Very organic and modern and very cool.

Che figata FRIDAY! … Patterned Paint Rollers.

It’s “Che figata FRIDAY!” (that’s cool, in Italian!) I stumbled upon the coolest thing ever! Patterned paint rollers! You can use the rollers as an alternative to wallpaper. Or paint a pattern on a piece of furniture or fabric.

You no longer have to worry about being an amateur artist. The roller does the painting for you.

These patterned paint rollers come from Clare Bosanquet at The Painted House. She brought the idea to the UK from Romania.

Che figata FRIDAYSo adorable! And very affordable. Che decisamente figata! (That’s definitely cool!)


Che figata! FRIDAY (That’s cool, in Italian)


Happy Friday! Here are some fun do-it-yourself candle holders that I think are very cool…

Chez Pixie

Wisk candle holders (above) from Chez Pixie. Unique and industrial-looking. Would look great hanging from tree branches or around a deck or patio.

Cement goblet tea light holders (above). An easy diy project using a simple cement mix and plastic cups. Another industrial-looking décor piece. Paint a terra cotta color and sand them down for a French look right out of Provence!

Twine tea lights (above). What a simple idea. Use double-sided tape and twine to give plain tea lights an organic and natural look. Would look great lined up on a fireplace mantle or down the middle of a table. So cute and so simple.

Paper covered tea lights (above). Another simple yet cute idea using ordinary tea lights! With double-sided tape or glue, apply patterned paper to the sides of basic tea lights to decorate for a theme party. Would look adorable for a baby or wedding shower. Use maps for a going away party!

I hope you have a wonderful “Che Figata! FRIDAY” by finding cool things that inspire you!