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My Natural Leaf Wreath

I came across this natural leaf wreath at hgtv.com. I love utilizing nature when decorating for fall. So, I decided to knock-it-off myself! I picked up some colorful leaves one morning as I was walking my son to school.
Then, I sprayed them with an acrylic coating to preserve them.
Using a simple thread and needle, I linked the leaves together and then wired the entire ring of leaves onto a metal wreath frame.
I love my natural leaf wreath! I hope you do too.

My Chicken Wire Pumpkin

I love chicken wire. So I was very excited when I came across the following chicken wire pumpkin at Craftberry Bush.
It has an industrial French country look to it, combining the wire with twine.
I loved it so much, I had to knock it off.
Being an artist, I emphasized the sculptural aspect of it.
Being pragmatic, I made it so it serves a purpose beyond just decoration. It holds all of the wine corks I have been saving.
Happy fall!

Fall DIY Burlap Leaves

I found these cute packages of burlap leaves at Wal-mart the other day. They were only $1.34 USD. I decided to buy one package in every color and use them for a little DIY fall project. The only other thing I needed was twine.
All I had to do was twist the wire on each leaf onto the twine. I spaced them about 4 inches apart.
Now I have a simple yet beautiful fall decoration for my kitchen. I love it!

Simple Valentine Décor Ideas

Valentine collageThere are so many adorable DIY Valentine crafts and decorations. Here are a few I did myself…
xowreath-globalknockoffs-768x1024I love my XOXOXO! Valentine’s Wreath (above). It’s easy to make and very unique!
cranberry-hearts-on-snow-globalknockoffs-1024x602These are so cute:  simple cranberry hearts. They look beautiful outdoors or in a kitchen. Check out A Swedish Valentine project I did some years ago.
cranberry-heart-globalknockoffs-1024x953J’adore Mon Coeur Metallique! Made from chicken wire, this fun metal heart can be left empty or filled with almost anything. I used wine corks. You could use a tighter wire and fill it with candy.
I hung it in our kitchen.
chickenwireheartwithcorksUsing random material I already had, I created these delicate cloth hearts. I love the burlap against the wire basket. Check out J’Adore Mes Coeurs.
I also made some from linen napkins and an old moth-eaten cashmere sweater. I created a unique Valentine arrangement by hanging them from white spray painted branches.
Check out Les Couleurs de L’Amour- Easy DIY Valentine Décor for more unique and creative ideas.
red heart
Does your child have to make Valentine’s Day cards for his/her class? Here’s another simple, creative and unique Valentine idea. My son Constantine wanted his Valentine’s Day cards to have a baseball theme.
I searched online for baseball valentines. I copied and pasted the art on an 8.5×11 sheet in Microsoft Publisher. I inserted the personal text, :Your friend, Constantine.”
IMG_0522We printed them out and cut them. Constantine then wrote out each name from his class on the back.
I bought some bags of baseball-themed candy at a local party store. We put about five pieces in small snack-size bags and stapled them to the back of the Valentine card.

Constantine loves them and can’t wait to hand them out to all of his friends at school!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

OPA! Celebrating Our Greek Heritage

I was recently asked to create some Greek landscapes depicting Santorini, Greece for our church, Saint Anna’s annual Greek festival. In three days I produced four simple paintings.
I first looked on the internet for ideas. I wanted a simple blue and white color scheme with a strong black outline to make the images pop. I purchased canvas drop cloths so they could be easily stored for future festivals. I tacked the large canvases on the wall of the back of my house with a plastic drop cloth underneath to prevent paint from leaking through. I began with pencil sketches.
I used basic white craft paint for all the white areas and a Santorini blue latex I still had from last year. I quickly moved on to blue spray paint for the sky and water and grey spray paint for the stone walkways. I had to move fast because it was the end of summer and my kids hadn’t begun school yet and my husband was away at a conference. It was a busy time carpooling kids to the pool and arranging playdates.
I outlined everything with a black sharpie pen.
I added some fuscia and green to give dimension.
We wanted to hang them in a way that wouldn’t damage the walls so we put a strip of duct tape on the back and then applied 3M adhesive strips to that.
They were different sizes to accommodate the space.
We hung the canvases in our church’s hall foyer where visitors entered the festival. I think they were a beautiful addition to the Greek panels I made last year.
I hope you enjoyed seeing my simple Greek Santorini landscapes. Our festival was a hit, and it was fun to celebrate our family’s and our church’s Greek heritage!

DIY Lettre en fil métallique

Last year when I was visiting family, I came across this very cool wire letter at a store called Nathan & Company located on Coolidge Avenue in Oakland, California. It inspired me to look into interior decor utilizing fil métallique (metal wire). Below, are some incredibly unique ways of incorporating fil métallique in interior design.

I love these wire chandeliers by Zoe Rumeau.

The wire work of Marie Christophe (below) fuses decorative art with sculpture.

I also love the creations of Marie Bossee. Her lights, mobiles and decorative objects are inspired by nature.

Other exciting and unique fil métallique pieces….



I was so inspired by all of the above fil métallique art, sculptures and light fixtures that I was motivated to create my own lettre en fil métallique. I began by printing out a large letter “P” (my last name initial) on my computer using Microsoft Publisher. The size was 24″ x 32″.
Globalknockoffs.comI printed it out in pieces and taped it together.
Using it as a template, I laid my wire mesh on it and cut it to size. I used wire cutters and wore garden gloves to protect my hands.
I cut out two “P” shapes and two five inch strips.
I made sure that the ends that met would consist of one side having teeth and one flat. Using pliers I bent the teeth around the flat side.
I love my lettre en fil métallique. It is a very unique sculptural piece of art.
Metalinitial@Globalknockoffs2Metalinitial@Globalknockoffs3I am so happy I came across that very cool wire initial at Nathan & Company. It inspired me to look into interior decor utilizing fil métallique and motivated me to make my own lettre en fil métallique.

California Shore Decor

My kids on SF Bay

My kids on SF Bay – November 2014

Last summer my husband, our kids and I visited extended family in Northern California. We spent a morning frolicking around the shores of the beautiful San Francisco Bay.

My kids and I on SF Bay – July 2014

While hiking around the beautiful bay, we picked up a piece of driftwood. I decided to use this simple momento of our wonderful trip to make a candle centerpiece. I love using natural elements in interior design. Here are some examples of driftwood decor…

Here are some driftwood candle holders that inspired me…



All I needed to knockoff the beautiful driftwood candle holders above was my piece of driftwood, a drill with a circular bit and tea lights.
Materials for driftwood candle holder

Driftwood & drilled holesI used a 1-1/2 inches circular drill bit. It took me a total of 5 minutes to drill all of the holes.
Driftwood candle holderIt was very easy. I used a handheld cordless Dirt Devil vacuum for an easy cleanup.
Globalknockoffs.comDriftwoodCandleabra2I love my driftwood candle holder. It looks beautiful on my dining room table.
I hope you were inspired to knockoff your own driftwood candle holder. I love my natural looking California Shore decor!

La beauté de la Lavande

La beauté de la Lavande. The beauty of lavender. It can be enjoyed in fresh bouquets, dried arrangements and even in food. It is fragrant and colorful, delicate and soothing.



I love how it can be a simple decoration just by hanging it.

I recently ordered dried lavender from Dreamy Whites.
I was so excited when the box of two bundles came. I had the perfect spot in mind where I wanted to hang my newly acquired dried lavender. But first, I had to put my arrangement together. It consisted of a branch, two linen hearts I had made, twine and the lavender.
I made three bundles out the two lavender bundles I had received. Maria Carr from Dreamy Whites gives a large amount for only $12.00 each.
lavender bathroomI love my dried lavender arrangement. It looks beautiful in my guest bathroom.
Dried Lavender Now I can enjoy la beauté de la lavande anytime I want!

Un Automne Guirlande Facile

I love decorating for Fall. But with three busy kids, it is difficult to find the time. I came up with an easy diy Fall garland that I just love! It only requires a string of mini white lights, a hole punch and artificial leaves.


Punch a hole in the center of each leaf. Attach one leaf to each individual light, carefully pulling the leaf onto the stem of the light (not on the bulb).


It is so easy and beautiful. It really brings the outside colors of Fall in.


At night, we love turning on the lights.


Un automne guirlande facile!