Greek Island Style

I’m reminiscent of my few trips to Greece and am missing the warm sun, temperate weather and turquoise blue seas. Like the landscape, the Greek island ethos is relaxed, casual and organic. The Greek Island Style of interior design reflects this easy, unpretentious approach.


Industrial Chic

I love the industrial chic look of the UK Restaurant chain, Bill’s – Breakfast to Bedtime (Restaurant, Cafe & Shop). The interiors are a mixture of industrial & shabby chic featuring old leather armchairs, reclaimed wood, upcycled chandeliers and exposed brick. It is relaxed and informal and a little quirky.

DIY Lettre en fil métallique

Last year when I was visiting family, I came across this very cool wire letter at a store called Nathan & Company located on Coolidge Avenue in Oakland, California. It inspired me to look into interior decor utilizing fil métallique (metal wire). Below, are some incredibly unique ways of incorporating fil métallique in interior design.

I love these wire chandeliers by Zoe Rumeau.

The wire work of Marie Christophe (below) fuses decorative art with sculpture.

I also love the creations of Marie Bossee. Her lights, mobiles and decorative objects are inspired by nature.

Other exciting and unique fil métallique pieces….



I was so inspired by all of the above fil métallique art, sculptures and light fixtures that I was motivated to create my own lettre en fil métallique. I began by printing out a large letter “P” (my last name initial) on my computer using Microsoft Publisher. The size was 24″ x 32″.
Globalknockoffs.comI printed it out in pieces and taped it together.
Using it as a template, I laid my wire mesh on it and cut it to size. I used wire cutters and wore garden gloves to protect my hands.
I cut out two “P” shapes and two five inch strips.
I made sure that the ends that met would consist of one side having teeth and one flat. Using pliers I bent the teeth around the flat side.
I love my lettre en fil métallique. It is a very unique sculptural piece of art.
Metalinitial@Globalknockoffs2Metalinitial@Globalknockoffs3I am so happy I came across that very cool wire initial at Nathan & Company. It inspired me to look into interior decor utilizing fil métallique and motivated me to make my own lettre en fil métallique.

Fil De Fer – Wiring Up Your Decor

Fil de fer, literally meaning Thread of Iron, is a prominent feature in French Country décor. It incorporates containers of all kinds made of iron, metal and wire (i.e., baskets, strainers, racks, trivets, etc.). However you describe it, it is a rustic yet elegant element in interior design.

Better Homes & Garden

Better Homes & Garden







French Country Magazine

French Country Magazine


I’d love to see how you’ve incorporated Fil de Fer into your home décor! Please don’t hesitate to share.

La beauté de la Lavande

La beauté de la Lavande. The beauty of lavender. It can be enjoyed in fresh bouquets, dried arrangements and even in food. It is fragrant and colorful, delicate and soothing.

I love how it can be a simple decoration just by hanging it.

I recently ordered dried lavender from Dreamy Whites.
I was so excited when the box of two bundles came. I had the perfect spot in mind where I wanted to hang my newly acquired dried lavender. But first, I had to put my arrangement together. It consisted of a branch, two linen hearts I had made, twine and the lavender.
I made three bundles out the two lavender bundles I had received. Maria Carr from Dreamy Whites gives a large amount for only $12.00 each.
lavender bathroomI love my dried lavender arrangement. It looks beautiful in my guest bathroom.
Dried Lavender Now I can enjoy la beauté de la lavande anytime I want!

I Believe In Linen!

IBelieveInLinen@astrid.seI love the tag line on the latest catalog cover from Libeco Fabrics, “Believe In Linen.” Libeco is a leading manufacturer and distributor of Belgium linen. Like them, “I believe in Linen!” I not only believe in it, I love linen. It is my favorite fabric. It can add sophistication to a room while at the same time, exude a casual laissez-faire attitude.


Martha Stewart Living Magazine

Linen can be very affordable. You can find linen textiles at H&M Home and Ikea for very reasonable prices.

French Style Magazine Spring 2015

French Style Magazine Spring 2015

One of my favorite sites to purchase linen products is Dreamy Whites.

Country French Magazine

Country French Magazine

I even have linen in my own bedroom. I found the duvet and shams at Ikea. I inherited a cedar chest from my husband’s grandmother and it was full of linen pillow cases!


Malatesta Maison

A one-time country home of the Malatesta family (an Italian family that ruled over Rimini, Italy from 1295 until 1500) has been passionately restored into a family-owned B&B, the Malatesta Maison. This rustic stone farmhouse in the valley of the Marches, has modern elements like concrete and metal in its interior (an innovative contrast to the exterior) that is complimented by its simple and vintage décor.

The interior reflects the Scandinavian design style (from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland) with its clean lines, light textiles, scaled back accessories and mid-century furniture.

The eclectic taste of the owners, Claudia and Carlo Ruzza, is simple, functional and minimalistic.

Black accents contrast the stark white walls and neutral pallette, and add dimension and texture.


Vintertid in Princeton, New Jersey

It’s wintertime in Princeton, New Jersey! We’ve had a few storms lately and the streets are blanketed with snow. I thought I would share some of the beautiful streets and lovely houses I get to see everyday! Downtown Princeton ShopsPalmer Square, Princeton NJPrinceton Shops Palmer Square ShopWitherspoon Street in Princeton, NJNassau Street, Princeton NJ

Mercer Street Houses, Princeton NJPrinceton NJ housePrinceton NJ houseWoodrow Wilson Home, Princeton NJPrinceton NJ housePrinceton NJ farmhouseBattleRoadPrinceton NJ houseBoudinot St House in Princeton, NJ

My kids and I decided to take advantage of all of the snow!
Sledding in Princeton, NJKids Sledding in Princeton, NJMe & my son in Princeton, NJ

Gott Nytt År

Gott Nytt År! Bonne Année! Καλή Χρονιά! Happy New Year! I ring in the New Year (after being away for quite sometime) with a bittersweet perspective. Although I am looking forward to 2015, the Fall of 2014 was very sad. I not only lost my mother-in-law from cancer in September, but I also lost my own mother (who was 91 yrs.) from lung disease and heart failure in November. I am now trying to approach the new year in a positive and energetic way (which I know they would endorse and encourage). So this new year is a fresh start, a new beginning. Below are some of my favorite photos that exude a crisp, fresh approach to interior design.



Je vous souhaite une belle année 2015!

Ornements étoiles

J’adore les étoiles! I love stars! I decided to make some very French stars to use as Christmas ornaments. First, I bought plain unfinished wooden stars at a local craft store. The ones I bought had pre-drilled holes and ribbons. I cut off the ribbon.


Then I painted them all white and sanded down the edges for a distressed look.


Voila! They look beautiful plain.


But I decided to follow a transfer method I found on youtube and transfer French graphics onto them. The method works really well and can be found at I got some of the graphics from The Graphics Fairy under Vintage French Typography. Just make sure to reverse the images to a mirror image before printing out (I paste the images into a Microsoft Publisher document, save them as a JPEG, insert them into a different Publisher document and then flip them horizontally.


I used an exacto knife to trim the transfer medium that was created by the transfer process.


Because I love everything Scandinavian, I had to create a Swedish “God Jul!” And, because my husband is Greek, I also made a few Greek “Kala Christougenna” ones as well.


I found a wonderful vintage Santa with Joyeux Noel that I just love.


I came across a beautiful Greek Orthodox icon of an angel that is magical.


I created my own Joyeux Noel Eiffel Tower star ornament. I love Paris!!!


I also made a few more Kala Christougenna (Merry Christmas in Greek) ones with the Greek flag pattern. I’m going to sell these our Greek Orthodox church’s Christmas Fair.


There were quite a few graphics available under “vintage Christmas.” I love the God Jul graphic I found.


Voila! My very own beaux ornements étoiles! I picked up some branches outside in my yard and spray painted them with silver glitter. The stars hang beautifully!