Idées de déco de une échelle

Idées de déco de une échelle! Decorating ideas with a ladder!

Almost everyone has a ladder in their home. If it’s just sitting in your garage or shed, think about using it in an unconventional way:  as a home décor element in your interior design. If you don’t have one, you can make your own! (see how I did it below.)

I adore the hanging ladder (below). Very easy concept to copy!

The natural-looking ladders made from branches (above) inspired me to create my own.

I collected fallen branches from my own yard then sanded each one with my hand sander.

I then cut five 16 inch pieces and taped them into place on the two longer branches.


I drilled holes and then screwed each side of the 16 inch branch into place. I used 2.5 inch screws with thicker branches and 2 inch screws with the more narrow ones.

echelle decoratif

decoratif echelle2


IMG_5588bI love my very own échelle décoratif. I hung simple clear bulb lights like the Scandinavian interior designers do.

une echelleI hope you’ll be inspired to create your own échelle décoratif. I would love to see what you come up with!

Platypus French Country Knockoff!

I love the store Platypus. While strolling through it one day, I came across an accent table that had an old world French country feel to it. I loved it (below).


I love the casual and time-worn look of the French Country style that also projects a simple sophistication.

One of my favorite elements is distressed painted wood. That alongside a stained natural wood captures the casualness of the countryside of France.

Sometime ago, I was fortunate enough to be given a free pedestal table from a neighbor. I stored it in my garage waiting for the inspiration to do something with it. Once I saw the table at Platypus, I knew the look I wanted.

My plain pedestal table

My plain pedestal table

I decided to use some leftover Annie Sloan Chalk Paint I had in Old White.


I first painted the legs and base.

IMG_5189The wonderful thing about Chalk Paint is you don’t have to worry about sanding beforehand or applying the paint perfectly.

My table before being distressed.

My table before being distressed.

After two coats of paint, I took a piece of sandpaper and began sanding down the corners and curves to accentuate them and give a distressed look.


The table had wonderful elements and classic lines that didn’t stand out when it was all one color.


IMG_5210I love how it looks now. It adds a casual softness to my living room. Although it is a dining table, I use it as an end table (something I saw in Pottery Barn).

IMG_5228 refinishedtable

I love the look of my Platypus French Country Knockoff! It adds an understated and casual elegance to my living room!

Simply Scandinavian

I found a lovely book called Simply Scandinavian by Sara Normann, Magnus Englund and Caroline Clifton-Mogg. It features inspiring homes that reflect the simplicity and elegance of the Scandinavian style, a style that originates in the Nordic countries of Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland.


The Scandinavian style is simple, relaxed and unpretentious. It focuses on pale and muted colors, especially white. The color palette is light and airy focusing on bringing the outside in.

Simply Scandinavian

The Scandinavian style encompasses many aesthetics from vintage-inspired to modern and contemporary rustic.


I love the collection of small wall reliefs (above) displayed within the calm Nordic interior. Many Scandinavian interiors bear traces of journeys and collected treasures from exotic lands.

While much of the Scandinavian style emphasizes a calm quiet, accessories can often be loud and colorful.

Rustic accessories compliment simple and clean geometric backdrops.

Simply Scandinavian

I love the metal wire picture holder above the natural wood table (pictured above). The whole room is airy and open reflecting the outside light.


Nature is the main inspiration in Nordic homes. Wool rugs, wooden floors, natural stones, pewter and animal hides are prevalent in the Scandinavian style.


Modern and rustic elements sit side by side in the Scandinavian design style. I especially love the bobbed wire pendant hanging from the ceiling (below).


Natural textiles like linen and wool are common elements. Wicker baskets and light wooden furniture are characteristic of the Scandinavian aesthetic.


Modern items like the vertical bookshelf and interlocking stools used as a coffee table (below) are typical of the Scandinavian style:  using old materials and techniques in a new way.


The simplicity of the Scandinavian style can be replicated easily and affordably. Mixing rustic, vintage, modern or contemporary elements within a light, airy and always white space is easy to emulate. It is a relaxed way of living that is timeless.

Grey and White

Whether warm or cool, charcoal or pewter, gray is one of the hottest go-to colors for designers. Contrasted with white, it is sophisticated and sleek.



The latest decorating trend is painting the spaces in your home in varying shades of gray. It’s a fabulous elegant neutral backdrop to set off any color, adding depth to subtle hues and making bold tones pop. 1


As grey doesn’t have a ‘personality’ of its own, paired with any other colour, it allows that colour to be visible whilst grey takes a back seat. 2

Refer to nature when choosing colors to mix with grey. Tans, taupes and subtle neutrals blend well with grey. The combinations are reminiscent of mushrooms.

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2.Colour Psychology:  Using Grey in Interiors @

Alpine Design

On a recent vacation to the California Sierras I was admiring the rustic, natural look of the Alpine design asthetic. I love the primitive, woodsy approach that fits perfectly into a mountain setting.

Natural elements like stone and branches add a minimalistic quality.

Large planked wood can add that Alpine touch.

Creative touches using natural elements can be fun rustic additions.

Antlers are an easy way to give a mountainous feel.

I love adding a modern twist with sheepskin throws.

Flannel touches with primitive designs are a must!

Traditional rugged items like leather, reclaimed wood and trophy heads can give a chic alpine look.

Wood, wood and more wood mixed with a modern approach.

Go Alpine chic with furry throws and a white color palette.


My “française provincial” furniture redo

I recently stumbled upon the work of designer Pamela Pierce. I love her calm neutrals, over-sized dramatic antiques and her light and airy approach of the French Provincial aesthetic.

It was these striking images of Pamela Pierce’s refined yet rustic provincial style that inspired me to take on my own “francaise provincial” furniture redo.


Fifteen years ago before I moved to the east coast, my father had given me a china cabinet he picked up at a Bay Area auction house. I bought the currently popular Annie Sloan’s chalk paint and wax. Using the colors Country Grey and Old White, I attempted to transform this piece into a rustic French provincial work of art.

IMG_3374I began by painting the entire piece with the Country Grey.


I painted two coats of the Country Grey. Once the base coat was dry, I then painted the entire piece with a coat of Old White.


I hate using painter’s tape, so I used a small paint brush to get into corners and curves and around the glass panes.


Once the Old White was dry, I then waxed the entire china cabinet with Annie Sloan’s clear wax. Surprisingly, I noticed an instant transformation. The base coat of Country Grey along with the texture of the brush strokes began to be revealed through the Old White.



Base coat and texture revealing itself

Base coat and texture revealing itself

Then, according to Annie Sloan’s own instructions, I wiped the wax with a cloth.


I also used her technique of painting the hardware as well. I was too lazy to remove it all and also wanted to add a little shabby-chicness.


I then sanded the corners and edges to reveal the base coat Country Grey through the top coat of Old White.



I love my “française provincial” furniture redo! Inspired by the refined and rustic beauty of Pamela Pierce’s French provincial design aesthetic and using Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint, I created a timeless and classic work of art that I will cherish for years.

J’aime le chemin de table en toile de jute!

J’aime le chemin de table en toile de jute! I love a burlap table runner! I saw one in Pottery Barn recently for $69.00 USD. Rather than buy it, I decided to knock-it-off!

Burlap can add a rustic or cottage feel to an elegant table.

A burlap runner placed over a white linen tablecloth exudes an organic simplicity.

Burlap can be dressed up or dressed down. You can leave as is, paint on it, add a lace trim or monogram it.

It can be incorporated into a provincial exterior or a modern interior.

I love the french country tablescape (below) layering burlap with linen and lace.

A burlap table runner can be kept simple, have fringe or sewn.

I like the white burlap (below) on a dark wood table.

Because my dining room table is made from a dark wood, I decided to buy a white burlap. I simply cut it and pulled strands off the edges to make a fringed border.

My own burlap table runner!

My own burlap table runner!

J’aime le chemin de table en toile de jute!

OPA! Greek Festival Decor

My church’s Greek Festival is rapidly approaching. To make things a little more festive, I volunteered to create some unique decorations.


With the approval of the Festival’s chairperson and committee, I decided to make 4 ft. x 8 ft. panels from plywood. My daughter and I began by painting them all white with a primer/sealer.

After researching Greek scenes and clipart online, I sketched out four different scenarios on paper, which included churches, a windmill, a tavern and monuments in Athens. With pencil, I lightly repeated the sketches on the painted plywood. Then using a royal blue paint, I outlined the images.


I decided to keep the images simple using a blue and white theme with a little bit of other colors added. The blue and white is reminiscent of Santorini.


I had to overcome a few obstacles to get these panels done. Because our basement is being renovated, I couldn’t paint in my old spacious studio/office/basement without having to combat flies and bugs and wind. I had to work in our driveway in between bad weather, contractors asking me questions, and kids coming home from school. I also wanted to get these done quickly because my calendar was filling up with end-of-the-school year kids’ activities/commitments. I completed this project in 4 days. Needless to say, I spent the 5th day recuperating!

Opa! Greek Festival Art Panels.

Opa! Greek Festival Art Panels.

I let my kids help with some of the easier images. My daughter Julia painted the green trees in the Athens monument panel and my son, Constantine filled in the cobblestones. My 12 year old son Nicholas wasn’t really into helping.

Greek Taverna

Greek Taverna


Monuments of Athens

Monuments of Athens

Greek Windmill

Greek Windmill

Santorini churches

Santorini churches

I hope you like my Opa! Greek Festival Décor. I think they added a little bit of a Greek atmosphere to the festival (below).



A Simple Picnic Table No More

Looking for a new dining table but living on a budget? Why not use a simple picnic table? That’s right! A picnic table! Look how some designers incorporated a simple picnic table into chic and sophisticated interior design.
You can keep it rustic or paint it. I love the idea of mixing it with an elegant chandelier. Remember, a modern approach is all about the mix!


A simple picnic table can really be transformed into a traditional-looking piece of furniture. Looks great in a dining room or kitchen.

You can emphasize its rustic-ness with shabby-chic accessories, integrate it into an industrial edgy look or dress it up for a more sophisticated and refined approach.

Mexican Style with a Modern Twist!

In the small town of Teotitlán del Valle in Oaxaca, Mexico the fine art of weaving rugs has existed for centuries dating back to 500 BC. The Zapotec Indians of Teotitlán create hand-crafted rugs and other textiles from wool and natural dyes. The designs and dye palettes are unique to each family’s tradition.

The colorful geometric patterns reflect artistic traditions of the Southwest, Latin America and Asia.

I love the Mexican/Southwestern/Spanish influence in interior design:  earthy tones, arched entryways, heavy woods, colorful tiles and stucco walls. I also love blending it with other design approaches. I found some interior design ideas that do just that:  Mexican Style with a Modern Twist!

Although not very modern at the core, the bedroom above at reflects a more traditional Mexican feel with ornate woods, conventional décor and lots of decorative textiles. It has a modern sense with its mix of the southwest. I love it.

By incorporating Mexican textiles as rugs and pillows, an otherwise modern or minimalist room can reflect a natural warmth.

A simple Mexican textile can add an eclectic surprise even when remaining monochromatic (below).

You can mix a single rug into a sparce space to keep lines simple and clean (from above) or layer several textiles for a more dramatic effect (below).


Clean white stucco walls and coarse elements as raw woods conjure up an earthy Mexican image.

Touches of colorful textiles, ornate woods, ornate iron elements and simple stoneware exude a southwestern feel.

Simple flat weave rugs whether Mexican, Indian or Persian can accentuate any form of modern design.

Traditional Mexican colors mixed into your home’s interior can add a southwestern feel. I adore the fiesta ware below from Diane Keaton’s home in Architectural Digest and featured on

I hope you have enjoyed the Mexican design style with a modern twist. Here’s how I’ve incorporated a bit of Mexican style into my own home…


My Fiestaware Kitchen!

My California Mission tiles.

My California Mission tiles.

My Mexican inspired deck.

My Mexican inspired deck.

I love the Mexican style with a modern twist. It is an eclectic and non-conforming approach which reflects a modern design sense –  that is all about the mix!