Tee-se-itse TUESDAY!

It’s Tee-se-itse Tuesday! Do-it-yourself Tuesday! Because I often place a Christmas tree in our kitchen and decorate it with kitchen-oriented items, I love the idea of using cookie cutters. What a cute diy project:  stringing white Christmas lights through copper colored cookie cutters.
Cookie cutter Christmas lights
Here are some other adorable do-it-yourself cookie cutter decorations:
So cute!

Tee-se-itse TUESDAY! Do-it-yourself Autumn Candle Holder

I came across this very cute and easy diy! Perfect for Tee-se-itse TUESDAY! I found it at Spark & Chemistry.

All you’ll need are artificial fall leaves, a mason jar, mod podge and a paint brush/sponge.


You just mod podge the leaves onto the jar. You could probably use clear spray glue for a quicker application.


You can tie raffia, twine or burlap to the top and make a bow.


Such an easy tee-se-itse (do-it-yourself) Autumn Candle Holder.

Tee-se-itse TUESDAY! (Do-it-yourself) décoration d’automne

After a very long hiatus, I am finally back to my blog. I can never get anything done during the summer when my kids are off school. Then, tragically, my mother-in-law was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer that had aggressively metastasized to her lungs, kidney, lymph nodes, spine and liver. We quickly moved her from Ohio to New Jersey to live with us and receive treatment. Sadly, she died a month later. I am just now regrouping enough to be creative. The beautiful Fall foliage around me here in Princeton, NJ has helped!

I came across this very easy Tee-se-itse (do-it-yourself) autumn decoration on Dea Vita. It has inspired me to once again be creative! I came up with my own twist to this unique and beautiful  design.


I bought a little burlap bag instead of using the cone element. Then, I bought artificial floral pieces.


I inserted a few pieces of cardboard to stiffen it up and filled the bottom with bunched up plastic bags. I also cut off one of the handles and made a bow. I then arranged the floral pieces.


I love it! It is both simple and festive.

automn decor

I hope you’ll try this simple and inexpensive tee-se-itse décoration d’automne project!


Tee-se-itse TUESDAY! (Do-it-yourself) Wall Clock

I came across a very cute and creative tee-se-itse idea for a wall clock! A personalized wall clock using picture frames! I will definitely be doing this myself once our basement renovation is finished.

I love the idea of using different colored frames (above).

The frames can be placed in a circle, or not! And I love the idea of using phrases to emphasize the importance of the people in the frames (below).

If you’d like to follow very easy tee-se-itse (do-it-yourself) instructions, check out Homemaker’s Challenge. They list exactly what you’ll need and how-to directions.

Check back to see my own attempt at making a tee-se-itse (do-it-yourself) personalized wall clock!

Tee Se-itse (Do-it-yourself in finnish) TUESDAY

I came across this easy and convenient diy. If your family is like mine, we can never find matches. I love this idea of placing wooden matches in a mason jar and placing sand paper on the top. It will look so cute on a mantel. And, it’s so convenient.

Another cute Tee-se-itse (do-it-yourself) project is to create your own art. But you don’t need to buy an expensive stretched canvas. Just buy a roll of canvas, paint it with colors that coordinate with your room (or add a pop of color) and hang. So artsy!


“Tee-se-itse (Do-it-yourself) TUESDAY!” A Simple Garden

It’s “tee-se-itse TUESDAY!” That’s “do-it-yourself” in Finnish! If you’re like me, you’d love to have a beautiful vegetable or herb garden, but just don’t have the time. Why not create your own simple “tee-se-itse” simple garden? It can be as manageable as you need it to be. For me, a few herbs in pots will do!


Kristin Fagerskjold

I like the idea of making your little garden decorative and using out-of-the-ordinary items like tea cups. You can recycle and use ordinary aluminum cans.



Simple terra cotta pots on a window sill in your kitchen can make you smile.





I rediscovered an old white bench I had in our garage and moved it to our garden. I planted oregano, thyme, basil and strawberries in inexpensive terra cotta pots. I placed it in a sunny location.



I smile everytime I see it.



My son, Constantine, likes to put our bunny, Snowball, near the herbs to see if he’ll eat them. Constantine also loves watering the herbs and watching them grow.



I love my simple and manageable “tee-se-itse” garden!