Children’s Art… the international way!

Russia by Anna See


I just love it when a child’s room is unique and expressive of who they are! What better way to celebrate a child’s uniqueness by celebrating his or her heritage. Here in the United States, we have a cornucopia of nationalities. It’s so wonderful to celebrate our diversity but also our uniqueness. Giving our children a strong sense of identity is so important. Here are some samples of what I think are unique and colorful expressions of just that!


You can utilize the vibrant colors in these prints as inspiration for the colors you select for your child’s room. The Chinese Girl with Spring Flowers above, from Anna See at would be perfect in a little girl’s room whose heritage derives from China.



Celebrate your Mexican heritage with this beautiful painting called Mexican Sunflower by Oopsy Daisy. It would look fantastic in a kid’s bathroom. It would definitely work as a springboard in choosing a bathroom’s wall color, a shower curtain, mats, etc.

Here are some other great examples…


Global Easter Egg traditions…

Greek Easter eggs at

Traditional red Greek Easter eggs

Painted Easter eggs have always been a part of celebrating Easter throughout the world. The art of decorating Easter eggs (pysanky in the Ukraine) dates back to pagan rituals of Spring. Once Eastern Europe was Christianized by Saint Contantine the Great, they took on a deeper more spiritual meaning – reflecting the blood of Christ during His passion and the coming of new life in His resurrection. Every Pascha (Easter in Greek) Greeks and many Eastern European countries reflect this belief by dying thier eggs red. In Greece the red eggs are handed out after the Resurrection (Easter) service. Children bump their boiled and colored eggs together, and the winner is the one egg that didn’t crack. Many Greeks also fill the emptied dyed eggs with confetti which adds a celebratory dramatic effect to the traditional game. Whether you’re Greek, Ukrainian, Polish, Italian or African, the Easter egg, symbolizing the new life of Christ, has always been a part of the Paschal tradition.


Traditional Ukrainian Easter eggs.

Romanian Easter Eggs at

Romanian Easter Eggs

Hungarian Easter eggs at

Hungarian Easter eggs

Russian Easter eggs.

South African eggs from

Easter eggs from South Africa.

Polish Easter eggs at

Polish Easter eggs.

Korean Easter eggs.

Caribbean Easter eggs at

Caribbean Easter eggs

Below, are my very own version of Pysanky eggs. I took a Ukranian Easter Egg class at a local church to learn how to do it. I also bought some books online to use as design reference guides. You can buy kits and even the eggs online!

Ukranian Easter eggs from

My very own Ukranian Easter eggs!

Books to help with technique and design.

Ukranian Easter Egg Kit