Decorazione di Vino per il Natale

A wine decoration for Christmas? I found the perfect way to combine my love for Christmas with my love for wine!

It all began with the numerous wine corks that I have saved over the years. Ever wonder what to do with them? All you need are wine corks, a drill, twine and about 2 hours.


I took a basic electric drill with a rather large bit (screw head) and drilled a single hole through each cork. It took me about 2 hours total.


I held the cork with a clamp and stood the cork up on a piece of wood while I drilled.



It was a bit messy so make sure to cover your work surface with paper. Once all the corks had holes, I carefully inserted twine through each one. I dipped the end of the twine in the liquid wax of  a candle and let it dry beforehand to stiffen the tip.



I periodically had to drill more holes in corks until I got the length of twine I needed to go around my Christmas tree several times.


I made sure to tie large knots on each end leaving a bit of extra twine so the garland wouldn’t be too rigid.


We love Christmas so much in our house that we put a Christmas tree in our kitchen as well as our living room. I love to decorate it with kitchen/food-oriented items. This year I wrapped the tree in a natural looking burlap ribbon, hung artificial apples and cookie cutters. You could get very creative. In past years, I’ve hung utensils, popcorn and curly orange rinds.


I love incorporating things that I love into my decorating, and that includes wine. I hope you enjoyed seeing how I made my Decorazione de Vino per il Natale!









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