Easy DIY New Year’s Sparkle Ball

Want to add a bit of sparkle to your New Year’s celebration? Here’s a very easy do-it-yourself New Year’s Sparkle Ball that is made from clear plastic cups and mini lights. My sister’s friend Cindy made one and I was amazed! Beautiful and magical and best of all, easy!


This very easy New Year’s decoration comes from sparkleball.com. They use twist ties to connect the cups after hole punching, I think just stapling them together is easier. What you’ll need is…

  • 50 soft clear plastic cups (tumbler style)
  • 100-150 string of mini lights
  • stapler
  • drill with 1/2″ bit

First, you drill a hole into the center of the bottom of each cup.


Then, you need to line up 12 cups in a circle. Staple the sides together (the picture shows connecting them with twist ties).


Add a second layer of 9 cups. Each cup should be stapled three times (to the first layer cup below and to the second layer cups on each side).


The third layer of cups is comprised of 4 cups total. Fit the 4 cups into the space left at the top of the half ball. Attach the 4 cups to the second layer of cups and to eachother. Each cup should be stapled four times (where the four twist ties are located in the picture below).


Once half of the sparkle ball is complete, insert the mini lights. You will insert one light into each drilled hole.


Set aside the completed half and build the second half just like the first. Once you have finished the second half, insert the mini lights starting with the opposite end of the cord (the plug end). Make sure to finish with an outer rim cup. Make sure the plug end of the cord will hang out.


Now you will join the two halves. Press the two halves together. Line up the first layer of cups from each half and staple. Make sure the cord (plug end) is hanging out. You can connect the plug to an extension cord or to another sparkle ball’s cord. You can use blinking lights to add energy!


My sister’s friend Cindy’s stapled sparkle ball

cupoflightsYou can use monochromatic lights (white for New Year’s, red and green for Christmas) or mulit-colored.


Voila! An Easy DIY New Year’s Sparkle Ball!


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