Forsythia for Spring!

 If you have any forsythia bushes in your yard or neighborhood, you don’t have to wait until Spring has sprung to reap the benefits of this beautiful and sunny bloom. Forsythia for Spring! Just clip a few sprigs, place them in a vase of warm water and watch them bloom in just a few days!



They brighten up any room, and because the branches are very lengthy they can add a lot of height and drama in an otherwise bland room.


I placed a vase of forsythia in my front window and have enjoyed watching it bloom a little bit more each day.

My Forsythia

forsythia2 With snow on the ground outside, my blooming forsythia gives my living room that much needed touch of Spring!

It is now in full bloom and beautiful!

Forsythia at

My forsythia in full bloom after only 3 days!

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