From Driftwood DIY to Backyard Tree Bark Star

My Tree Bark Star!

I saw this DIY craft on the blog “” I believe it was originally featured in at Pottery Barn and PBteen. Because I didn’t find any driftwood on my visits to the Jersey Shore this summer, I decided to take advantage of all the peeling tree bark in my backyard, and create a unique wooden star of my own.

Pottery Barn Driftwood Star

I followed the instructions that were given on the blog site
but I used a cardboard
backing instead of MDF, and
my star is a bit smaller.





PBteen sold a similar star for $60.00 or more!


Making the driftwood or bark star




 I used the star template featured on and traced it onto my piece of cardboard. I then cut the cardboard with an exacto knife. I laid out a few pieces of the bark first to figure out what positioning would look best. I then glued the bark to the cardboard using a hot glue gun. It got a little messy controlling all the little strings of hot glue.

Driftwood star from





My very own tree bark star!

 Voila! A great way to add a rustic flavor and bring the element of nature into your home. This star could work with just about anything.. sea glass, shells, wine corks, twigs. The possibilities are endless…

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