Let It Snow! Une guirlande de flocons de neige

A Snowflake Garland! What better way to celebrate winter? I am always sad to put away the Christmas decorations. To keep my heart in a festive mood and to continue the holiday spirit, I often like to decorate for winter. Here in Princeton, New Jersey, we’ve had lots of snow recently. I love to bring the magical ambience of the glistening outdoors in! Here is an easy diy snowflake garland that does just that!


I recently came across this beautiful snowy window ( below) from the store Anthropologie.


What a marvelous way of capturing the magical spirit of winter.


I adore the snowflake windows at Le Puits Sainte Claire Bed & Breakfast at Courcon d’Aunis in France (below).

From Puits Sainte Claire

From Puits Sainte Claire

Jennifer Rizzo created a vintage snowflake banner (below) from doilies, twine and crystal glitter. I love her simple yet elegant, easy diy.

From Jennifer Rizzo

From Jennifer Rizzo

J’adore la guirlande de flocons de neige! From alittleMarket.com comes this delicate Snowflake Garland made with ceramic snowflakes and twine.


At Ambiente Vistoriado I found exquisite paper snowflakes (below) used for decorating walls and windows and creating mobiles and simple tablecloths.



This magnificent paper snowflake mobile (below) was featured on useful diy.com. It would be a wonderful addition to any room any time of the year.


Having been so inspired, I embarked on creating my own snowflake garland with a little help from my daughter Julia. First, I went to the website instructables.com to check out how to make paper snowflakes. It gives easy step by step instructions on how to make 6-point paper snowflakes. Using plain white copy paper, we made as many snowflakes as we could.


IMG_2196We thought it would be cute to apply spray snow to the snowflakes to make them a bit more realistic. We sprayed a light coating.

IMG_2204We sprinkled glitter while the spray snow was still wet. We did this on both sides.

IMG_2200We then sprayed the dry snowflakes with an acrylic sealer to make sure the glitter stayed on. We let the snowflakes dry overnight. Then using just white thread and a needle, we carefully pulled the thread through each snowflake (similar to sewing).

IMG_2212We lined up four or five snowflakes in a row and carefully pulled the thread through each one. I put a tiny clear bead between each snowflake to add a sparkle and again at the end of the entire row.

IMG_2213Be patient and careful with the thread. It tangles easily and can be a bit frustrating to work with.


Then I hung some thread horizontally across my windows and tied each strand of snowflakes to it.



I just love how our simple paper snowflakes hung with simple white thread brings the magical ambience of the glistening outdoors in! And I had fun discovering how easy it was to make paper snowflakes (which I had never done before).

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