Mexican Style with a Modern Twist!

In the small town of Teotitlán del Valle in Oaxaca, Mexico the fine art of weaving rugs has existed for centuries dating back to 500 BC. The Zapotec Indians of Teotitlán create hand-crafted rugs and other textiles from wool and natural dyes. The designs and dye palettes are unique to each family’s tradition.

The colorful geometric patterns reflect artistic traditions of the Southwest, Latin America and Asia.

I love the Mexican/Southwestern/Spanish influence in interior design:  earthy tones, arched entryways, heavy woods, colorful tiles and stucco walls. I also love blending it with other design approaches. I found some interior design ideas that do just that:  Mexican Style with a Modern Twist!

Although not very modern at the core, the bedroom above at reflects a more traditional Mexican feel with ornate woods, conventional décor and lots of decorative textiles. It has a modern sense with its mix of the southwest. I love it.

By incorporating Mexican textiles as rugs and pillows, an otherwise modern or minimalist room can reflect a natural warmth.

A simple Mexican textile can add an eclectic surprise even when remaining monochromatic (below).

You can mix a single rug into a sparce space to keep lines simple and clean (from above) or layer several textiles for a more dramatic effect (below).


Clean white stucco walls and coarse elements as raw woods conjure up an earthy Mexican image.

Touches of colorful textiles, ornate woods, ornate iron elements and simple stoneware exude a southwestern feel.

Simple flat weave rugs whether Mexican, Indian or Persian can accentuate any form of modern design.

Traditional Mexican colors mixed into your home’s interior can add a southwestern feel. I adore the fiesta ware below from Diane Keaton’s home in Architectural Digest and featured on

I hope you have enjoyed the Mexican design style with a modern twist. Here’s how I’ve incorporated a bit of Mexican style into my own home…


My Fiestaware Kitchen!

My California Mission tiles.

My California Mission tiles.

My Mexican inspired deck.

My Mexican inspired deck.

I love the Mexican style with a modern twist. It is an eclectic and non-conforming approach which reflects a modern design sense –  that is all about the mix!

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