Natural Candelabra Made From Branches!

I was doing a little window shopping this past summer with my sister and noticed a beautiful driftwood candelabra in a store window. I thought, “I can do that!” So, I went home and searched the surrounding forest for some perfect branches. Here’s how I did it!


First, I found branches that were evenly shaped and similar in color.

globalknockoffs 001

Then, I cut them using a mini miter saw stand and saw (from Ace Hardware – about $8.00 for the stand).

globalknockoffs 002

I cut seven even branches, cutting both ends at a 45 degree angle. Each branch was approx. 14 inches long. I then used a large mat cutter and peeled off the bark. Some of the branches were already a little wet, so the bark came off easily. If it doesn’t, you can soak the branches in warm water and then peel. Let each piece thoroughly dry afterwards. I then slightly sanded each piece.

globalknockoffs 003

Then, I trimmed the ends with an exacto knife to make sure they were smooth and flat.

globalknockoffs 006

Then, using Quik Grips, I positioned the branches together, two at a time, and glued them using Gorilla Glue.

globalknockoffs 005 globalknockoffs 004

Each time I glued, I let the branches dry overnight. I then scraped off any excess glue drippings with an exacto knife. Once all of the pieces were glued, I tied twine around the joints to hide any excess glue that was visible between the connected branches.

globalknockoffs 007

globalknockoffs 009

Once all of the twine was added, I glued glass candleholders to each branch. They were .79 at AC Moore’s, .99 at Michael’s. Once I again, I used Gorilla Glue.

globalknockoffs 010

I glued the glass candleholders one at a time, not all at once, and counter balanced the weight by placing a Quik Grip on the opposite side.

globalknockoffs 011

Again, I cleaned up any glue drips with an exacto knife. And voila…

globalknockoffs 021 globalknockoffs 022

Here is the finished product. My very own, unique branch candleabra! The individual branches are not all perfectly uniform is size or length, thus giving a very natural yet a bit random look. I lit the candles at my latest book club meeting (which was at my house this time) and received rave reviews. It took a bit of time, but well worth it. A very natural but elegant look! Uh oh, just noticed a few more drips of glue… exacto to the rescue!

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