Printemps Couronne de Provence – Spring Wreath from Provence

I love the delicate and graceful flowers of Provence, France in springtime.

Le jardin de Tim

Le jardin de Tim

The soft lavenders and whites exude the beauty of spring in such a subtle way (from France Romantique below) .



J’adore this delicate and elegant wreath below from C…comme Coeur mes coups de coeur.

It inspired me to create my own Printemps Couronne de Provence.


I bought three artificial spring flower bunches ($3.99 each), a grapevine base ($4.99) and jute ribbon ($3.99) above. I originally wanted to use actual dried lavender, however, it was $8.99 a bunch – a little too expensive. I was also nervous that the dried lavender would break up when handling it. The artificial flowers had a green wire stem that eliminated the use of additional wire. I carefully inserted the wire stems into the grapevine and if necessary, twisted them to secure them into place.


I love the carefree natural look of the small delicate flowers. I chose a simple jute ribbon that had a touch of white woven through it.


I hope you have been inspired to create your own Printemps Couronne de Provence. I love mine!

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  1. Hi Maureen – I llike your artistic and practical flair as much as the way you inspire your younger son & family in your projects. I like the repurposed tin cans a lot and the palpable joy in your photo-taking. Thanks ~ Lai-King

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