Spanish-Inspired DIY Ottoman

Because of my love for globally inspired interior design, I’ve seached the internet for many diy project ideas including DIY ottoman projects. I wondered if I could do one myself (but with a little touch of Spanish flair depicted in Spanish tiles and pottery). So I went ahead and tried it. And, here is the end result with a detail explanation of the how-to.

globalknockoffs 029b

First, I took my inspiration (Spanish tiles) and tried to find a fabric that related to the colorful palette. I didn’t want to be literal with the design (exactly like Spanish tiles or pottery) but wanted my fabric choice to emphasize the vibrancy of Spanish design.

My fabric is Kaufman Breeze Tapestry from Calico Corners.

kaufman breeze tapestry fabric

First, I took a basic palette that was leftover from a recent bathroom renovation. The palette measures 32″x40″, so it is pretty substantial in size. I bought a piece of 4″ foam and 2 1/2 yards of batting.

globalknockoffs 016

I spray glued the foam on after cutting it to size with an electric carving knife . I put some foam around the edges as well to even out the sides. The palette was not perfect. Then, I stapled the batting over the foam.

globalknockoffs 017

I then layed the entire piece with the foam and batting in place on my 2-1/2 yards of fabric and began to staple. But before I stapled the fabric, I placed a plain sheet of white fabric over the underside and stapled it into place (so if you look at the ottoman from the underside fabric covers all the bones).

globalknockoffs 018 For the corners I used a technique I utilize for making beds – hospital corners! My father was a marine in WWII and always made sure that when we made our beds, we made them right, using hospital corners. Because the ottoman with the foam and batting was chunky like a mattress, this technique worked wonderfully. You just pull up the corner piece of fabric directly to the top of the corner, tuck in the sides until the fabric to the right and left form a straight edge. Takes a bit of maneuvering. Pull tight and staple into place.

globalknockoffs 020globalknockoffs 019

I then bought four unfinished wooden legs with four packs of straight top plates to mount them (from Lowe’s). I painted the legs black. I then realized they were too long so I cut the legs so my ottoman would measure 18″ high.

globalknockoffs 024globalknockoffs 014

I sanded them a bit to give them a more old world feeling.

globalknockoffs 025

I then screwed them into place at each corner.

And there you have it! A DIY Spanish-inspired ottoman that is unique and elegant. It really ads alot of color and style to my livingroom.

globalknockoffs 029

Thanks for looking! And feel free to come back for more globally-inspired do-it-yourself interior design projects.

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