Tee-se-itse TUESDAY!

It’s Tee-se-itse Tuesday! Do-it-yourself Tuesday! Because I often place a Christmas tree in our kitchen and decorate it with kitchen-oriented items, I love the idea of using cookie cutters. What a cute diy project:  stringing white Christmas lights through copper colored cookie cutters.
Cookie cutter Christmas lights
Here are some other adorable do-it-yourself cookie cutter decorations:
So cute!

Easy DIY Personalized Gift Tags


Every year I try to make the presentation of my gifts as personalized as the gift itself. I do this by making my very own personalized gift tags. All you need is a photo, a computer with a graphic oriented software (I use Microsoft Publisher, but I’m sure you could use Microsoft Word or WordPerfect as well), a color printer, a paper cutter (or scissors) and a hole punch. I used a picture of my family that we also used on our Christmas card.


I uploaded it to my computer from my phone (or camera) and inserted it into my Microsoft Publisher document. Once I determined the size I wanted the gift tag to be, I copy and pasted it multiple times to fill an 8.5 inch x 11 inch page. If you use Microsoft Word or Word Perfect, I’m sure you could make a table or grid and insert the picture into each frame by the same copy and paste technique.


I then printed the page out using my color printer.


Using my paper cutter, I cut the sheet into individual tags. If you don’t have a paper cutter, scissors or an exacto knife with a ruler should work just fine.


Then using my hole puncher, I punched a hole in each corner. Just run ribbon through the hole when wrapping your gift.


An easy DIY personalized gift tag. I especially love to use these when I have to ship my gifts to friends and family who live far away. It adds a special and intimate touch to every gift.


Merry Christmas! … and Merry Creating!