Che Figata FRIDAY! (that’s cool, in Italian)

My husband was recently in Aarhus, Denmark at the Nordens Folkekokken restaurant. He knew I love cool things. He spotted this very simple candle décor and took a few snapshots for me.

IMG_3650The restaurant used two white wine glasses, crossed the stems and inserted tea lights.

So simple yet so cool.

I love how they use any glass that is available. Why complicate things?

Che figata!

Che Figata FRIDAY! (That’s Cool, in Italian!)

I love this idea (above) of painting an enormous letter (or your initial) on one wall. Che figata!

Unique twist to an ordinary bookcase! Bring the outside inside in a unique way by wallpapering the wall behind a bookcase with a nature-oriented theme. Great way of emphasizing a “green” home.

Love these tiebacks (above). Add a modern and industrial touch with out-of-the-ordinary hardware. Che figata!

I love the chandeliers (above) from Pascal Delmotte and below from Arren Williams Design Lab. Simple, modern and elegant… and very cool.

Another cool feature from Pascal Delmotte (below) is to incorporate natural elements like rocks or boulders into your interior design. Very organic and modern and very cool.