“Adoro il vino” Magneti ! – “I Adore Wine” Magnets

Adoro il vino! I adore wine! What better way to express my love of wine than upcycle the corks to magnets!


Because I always save my corks, I had a bowl of wine corks ready to use. But if you don’t have any on hand, crafts stores sell them in a bunch. All you need are the corks, magnets, glue (I use a hot glue gun) and an electric knife.


First, I cut each cork in half. Be careful not to cut yourself. The corks are small and the knife is big.


I used a magnet strip rather than individual circular magnets. I cut the magnet strip into approximately 1 inch pieces. Although the magnet strip had an adhesive backing on it, I still used hot glue when applying the magnet to the cork. After about 10 minutes the corks were ready to use.

IMG_2250I used my  new wine corks to display all of my hand-made greeting cards I’ve created over the years.


If you love wine like I do, I hope you try this easy diy. It’s a simple and unique way to express something you love. I love my “Adoro il vino” magnets!