I recently made over my pre-teen’s bedroom. Because we switched out my grandmother’s antique dresser with a mirror to just a plain dresser without a mirror, I had to come up with a substitute. Of course, my daughter wouldn’t settle for just a plain plastic framed full length mirror from Wal-Mart or Target (she is her mother’s daughter after all). I remembered seeing a DIY mirror on shanty-2-chic. There she stained it. I wanted to add my own customized twist.


What you’ll need:

  • Inexpensive floor-length mirror ($5 at Wal-Mart)
  • Two 1″ x 4″ wood boards
  • Gorilla wood glue
  • miter box with saw
  • clamps
  • staple gun (optional)
  • contact paper

So, I began with just a plain full-length Wal-Mart mirror.IMG_0941

I carefully pulled off the backing and frame from the mirror. I bought two 1″x4″ pieces of wood at Lowe’s. (Because of having 3 young kids and a very busy life, I didn’t get around to this project as quickly as I would have liked, so the wood ended up getting paint on it while sitting around in my basement – that’s called real life!)


miterboxThen (3 months later) utilizing a hand saw and miter box (very inexpensive at any home improvement store) I cut the wood into the following sizes:

  • 2 pieces at 48″ long (tip to tip)
  • 2 pieces at 17.25″ long (tip to tip)


I then glued the corners and held them together to dry with clamps. On shanty-2-chic she staples the wood together while they dried.


IMG_1254I sanded down any remaining dry glue residue with a hand sander.


Then, I stapled the corners to reinforce them.




I grabbed the roll of contact paper my daughter chose from Target.


I cut the contact paper to 52 inches long and then cut that piece in half.


I carefully peeled the backing off slightly and laid the panels under each side. I carefully folded the corners first as you would a present and then peeled the remaining paper backing and proceeded to fold the sides.




Smooth out the contact paper until all air bubbles are gone. You may need to glue a portion of the corners where paper meets paper to reinforce the adhesiveness. I then applied the Gorilla glue to the rim of the mirror-side of the mirror and carefully placed it onto the back of the frame. I once again put clamps at each corner and even laid a few very heavy books around the frame. I let this dry overnight.

And there you have it! My very custom DIY Mirror.


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