Constantine’s Art

For months now, I have had two blank canvases sitting on a shelf over my desk waiting to be used. Along came a day which my kids had off school. And, it was raining! I didn’t want my kids watching tv or playing video games all day, so we decided to get creative. I pulled down the blank white canvases and pulled out our paints. First we painted the blank canvases a solid blue and red, the primary colors of my son’s room.


Then we began to get creative. Since these were going to hang in his room, I let my son, Constantine have free reign and decide what he wanted to feature in his paintings. He wanted to do handprints and footprints.



For his second painting, he wanted to feature something he loved, “going to the park.” With the help of his sister, he painted a landscape of his park.



Now, his bedroom features his very own masterpieces. What could be a better and easier way to personalize your kid’s bedroom than their very own art.


bedroom art

He loves them! And I love the fact that my seven year old son expressed himself creatively in an easy and unique low cost way. I hope I have inspired you to create your own home art with your kids!