J’aime les étoiles…

I love stars!


I also love the natural and rustic design approach. So when I came upon wooden stars created from twigs and pieces of wood at Vosgesparis.blogspot.com, I knew I had to knock them off!

twig starlights

This greyed wood star (above) originally created on Lekker Fris and featured on Vosgesparis, is a simple project incorporating leftover wood, wire and transparent white lights.


White clay star pendants with black string at Jotte by Lekker Fris are simple, organic and minimalistic. Hanging them from bare branches adds that natural and rustic touch I love so much.


As I said, J’aime les etoiles. I could go on and on showing you what wonderful and creative stars are out there, but on to creating my own…

From Comme un air de fete, comes my inspiration:  the simple twig star I love so much.

twig star

My son Constantine and I went out into our rather large yard, which is mostly forest, and picked up several fallen branches. It’s getting cold and windy here in Princeton, New Jersey so we had no trouble finding fallen branches.


Then, I laid out the stars in a “star” pattern.


Using a hot glue gun, I glued the points where the twigs met (sorry, my glue gun is a bit dirty).


I made a second one only a tiny bit smaller.


Once I was finished, I stood them up against a wall with the smaller one in front of the larger one. I look forward to creating more and lining them with lights. Stay tuned for those!


I hope you were inspired by my “J’aime les etoiles” diy wooden star project.