Che figata! FRIDAY (That’s cool, in Italian)


Happy Friday! Here are some fun do-it-yourself candle holders that I think are very cool…

Chez Pixie

Wisk candle holders (above) from Chez Pixie. Unique and industrial-looking. Would look great hanging from tree branches or around a deck or patio.

Cement goblet tea light holders (above). An easy diy project using a simple cement mix and plastic cups. Another industrial-looking décor piece. Paint a terra cotta color and sand them down for a French look right out of Provence!

Twine tea lights (above). What a simple idea. Use double-sided tape and twine to give plain tea lights an organic and natural look. Would look great lined up on a fireplace mantle or down the middle of a table. So cute and so simple.

Paper covered tea lights (above). Another simple yet cute idea using ordinary tea lights! With double-sided tape or glue, apply patterned paper to the sides of basic tea lights to decorate for a theme party. Would look adorable for a baby or wedding shower. Use maps for a going away party!

I hope you have a wonderful “Che Figata! FRIDAY” by finding cool things that inspire you!