My “française provincial” furniture redo

I recently stumbled upon the work of designer Pamela Pierce. I love her calm neutrals, over-sized dramatic antiques and her light and airy approach of the French Provincial aesthetic.

It was these striking images of Pamela Pierce’s refined yet rustic provincial style that inspired me to take on my own “francaise provincial” furniture redo.


Fifteen years ago before I moved to the east coast, my father had given me a china cabinet he picked up at a Bay Area auction house. I bought the currently popular Annie Sloan’s chalk paint and wax. Using the colors Country Grey and Old White, I attempted to transform this piece into a rustic French provincial work of art.

IMG_3374I began by painting the entire piece with the Country Grey.


I painted two coats of the Country Grey. Once the base coat was dry, I then painted the entire piece with a coat of Old White.


I hate using painter’s tape, so I used a small paint brush to get into corners and curves and around the glass panes.


Once the Old White was dry, I then waxed the entire china cabinet with Annie Sloan’s clear wax. Surprisingly, I noticed an instant transformation. The base coat of Country Grey along with the texture of the brush strokes began to be revealed through the Old White.



Base coat and texture revealing itself

Base coat and texture revealing itself

Then, according to Annie Sloan’s own instructions, I wiped the wax with a cloth.


I also used her technique of painting the hardware as well. I was too lazy to remove it all and also wanted to add a little shabby-chicness.


I then sanded the corners and edges to reveal the base coat Country Grey through the top coat of Old White.



I love my “française provincial” furniture redo! Inspired by the refined and rustic beauty of Pamela Pierce’s French provincial design aesthetic and using Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint, I created a timeless and classic work of art that I will cherish for years.