Ornements étoiles

J’adore les étoiles! I love stars! I decided to make some very French stars to use as Christmas ornaments. First, I bought plain unfinished wooden stars at a local craft store. The ones I bought had pre-drilled holes and ribbons. I cut off the ribbon.


Then I painted them all white and sanded down the edges for a distressed look.


Voila! They look beautiful plain.


But I decided to follow a transfer method I found on youtube and transfer French graphics onto them. The method works really well and can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSfj6eiNzew. I got some of the graphics from The Graphics Fairy under Vintage French Typography. Just make sure to reverse the images to a mirror image before printing out (I paste the images into a Microsoft Publisher document, save them as a JPEG, insert them into a different Publisher document and then flip them horizontally.


I used an exacto knife to trim the transfer medium that was created by the transfer process.


Because I love everything Scandinavian, I had to create a Swedish “God Jul!” And, because my husband is Greek, I also made a few Greek “Kala Christougenna” ones as well.


I found a wonderful vintage Santa with Joyeux Noel that I just love.


I came across a beautiful Greek Orthodox icon of an angel that is magical.


I created my own Joyeux Noel Eiffel Tower star ornament. I love Paris!!!


I also made a few more Kala Christougenna (Merry Christmas in Greek) ones with the Greek flag pattern. I’m going to sell these our Greek Orthodox church’s Christmas Fair.


There were quite a few graphics available under “vintage Christmas.” I love the God Jul graphic I found.


Voila! My very own beaux ornements étoiles! I picked up some branches outside in my yard and spray painted them with silver glitter. The stars hang beautifully!