The Beauty of Patmos


I recently visited the beautiful island of Patmos, Greece. I was in awe of the breathtaking splendor of its magnificent charm. Patmos is a small island on the Aegean Sea and is one of a cluster of ten islands (Dodecanese) southeast of mainland Greece.


The island’s main attraction is the Monastery of Saint John the Theologian and the cave where John the Evangelist was inspired and wrote the Book of Revelations. Hence, it is an island of Orthodox faith and devotion.


On a long walk along Patmos’ jagged coastline I discovered bits and pieces of paradise.


The island is enveloped in quaint picturesque architecture that is typical of the Greek style.


Blues and whites along with a natural earthly hue dominate the landscape. The colors depicted on walls, windows and canopies contrast exquisitely with the blossoming clusters of flowers, the Aegean sea and the ultramarine sky.


The simple yet exquisite island landscape emulates perfectly the ethos of the Greek culture. Say a simple “para kalo” (please) or “efcharisto” (thank you) and you’re invited into a relationship and have made a friend for life.







I hope you’ve enjoyed my modest depiction of the beauty of Patmos. For more information, I would recommend visiting




Furniture Redo DIY project…Spanish style

As a do-it-yourself interior design enthusiast, I always have a vision of how I could transform or renew something old. Of course, my ambitious dreams don’t always turn into reality (do to kids, household chores, social engagements and just the business of life). But hopefully, that will change since aquiring some beautiful furniture pieces from a close friend who is moving. I’m thinking of painting these wonderfully crafted pieces with a Spanish flair! Here are the pieces…

1) Soon to be our “Old World Wine Cabinet!”








2) Buffet

3) Tall Dresser

Found a great website that is chalk full of great vintage european furniture painting ideas

 I love the old world look that has been captured with the mint green, and the combination of paint and stained wood. I may try to use this technique but with the addition of Spanish style stencils on one of my own redos.

I’m going to check out their ebook (Guide to Furniture Finishes) they sell on their site. I’ll let you know how I do. I’m not that experienced in furniture redos, but I’m sure with a little patience, I can master. Here are a few more before and afters from that I just adore. Wish me luck, and check back for my finished projects!                                         


Here is a tall dresser before picture that looks similar to the condition of the one I have.


Here is the finished product! I hope to paint my tall dresser white as well with perhaps a little French twist to it.






Europeanpaintfinishes also did a dining table. I love that they aren’t afraid of painting over wood. I always hesitate to do that. Since I don’t have any emotional attachment to my pieces above, I think it will be easier for me to do too.

Here is their dining table after…

Again, I love the mint green. I may use this color on the wine cabinet redo.

Wish me luck. I’m hoping my globally inpired diy interior design enthusiasm will kick in soon! It would help if my calendar cleared up as well. Stay tuned for future posts to see the end results!