My Favorite Things…

MyFavoriteThingscollage Sheepskin on my sofa and warm woolen throws
Bright metallic tree trunks and Nordic patterns of does
Tall natural ladders with bulbs on a string
These are a few of my favorite things planete-deco.fr4 planete-deco.fr3 From From etsy boligcious.files.wordpress.com2

Cream colored linen and wire pendant lights
Stars made from tree limbs and metal lamps shining bright
Lush boxwood wreaths that form an elegant ring
These are a few of my favorite things

Marie Christophe from The Trendy Girl

Sam_0966[1]  preserved-boxwood-garden-wreath-10-inch-door_1024x1024[1]
Scandinavian trophy heads placed high on a wall
Animal skins and cowhides reflecting the colors of fall
French Country fil de fer, such an elegant thing
These are a few of my favorite things





Books piled high in a vertical way
Lavender bunches in purples and gray
Colorful pom poms and pillows that remind me of spring
These are a few of my favorite things
When the laundry piles up
When the kids scream
When I’m feeling mad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don’t feel so bad.

La beauté de la Lavande

La beauté de la Lavande. The beauty of lavender. It can be enjoyed in fresh bouquets, dried arrangements and even in food. It is fragrant and colorful, delicate and soothing.

I love how it can be a simple decoration just by hanging it.

I recently ordered dried lavender from Dreamy Whites.
I was so excited when the box of two bundles came. I had the perfect spot in mind where I wanted to hang my newly acquired dried lavender. But first, I had to put my arrangement together. It consisted of a branch, two linen hearts I had made, twine and the lavender.
I made three bundles out the two lavender bundles I had received. Maria Carr from Dreamy Whites gives a large amount for only $12.00 each.
lavender bathroomI love my dried lavender arrangement. It looks beautiful in my guest bathroom.
Dried Lavender Now I can enjoy la beauté de la lavande anytime I want!