An Original Christmas


I came across some cute Christmas decorations that are quite original. I love the wooden santas (above) made by my very own sister’s sister-in-law, Jenny.


My own sister made this tiny rustic twig star. It is comprised of only twigs and red paper clips! So easy and so original.


I found these adorable felt star ornaments at Craftaholic. I love that she personalizes them in greek. I will definitely have to order some for my own Greek kids!


I adore these little trees made out of popsicle sticks. So cute! From

I can’t wait to try these simple aluminum ball ornaments made from aluminum wire and ribbon. Such an easy diy project for something so unique and modern, from Le Blog Creatif.


From LaLoLeblog comes this very original Christmas wall art made from sticks! You can keep the sticks natural or paint them white like she did. The white branches really make the colorful ornaments pop. Very unique!

I love these delicate twig ornaments (above) made by michelemademe. A nice way to add a natural yet artistic touch to your décor.

From, comes this very unique twist to the traditional Christmas tree décor. She made tabletop Christmas trees from newspaper. Very original!