Global handmade Pottery … and decor

One thing that inspires me when it comes to interior decor, is pottery. Pottery uniquely captures and emphasizes the images and symbols of a particular nationality. It can help to inspire an entire room. It can also help one to express his or her unique identity. Here are a few examples that I just love! First, is a polish round baker from



Here a great example of decorating a home using a particular ethnic pottery collection. At, Polish pottery is featured on a kitchen shelf.


Below, Mexican pottery features rich and vibrant colors that are warm and inviting. The mastery of Mexican pottery extends from as far back as the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.

Mexican pottery from

 The bright and energetic colors featured in Mexican pottery inspired this warm and inviting patio decor. For more Mexican colorful decor, see


French terracotta pottery replicates the colors of the Provencal countryside. Soft gray, yellow and brown hues are reminiscent of rolling hills and beautiful sunsets.


French Aduze planters are featured on

You’ll find the same soft hues in Provencal design. Very earthy, natural and simple. Check out for more.decordeprovence And then there is Italian pottery. Full of color and images of the organic staples of life…olives, fruit, wine. Rich patterns, rustic yellow tones of the Tuscan countryside contrast with deep greens and vibrant blues. They illustrate the richness of Italian culture and their love for life and their connection to the earth. More colorful pottery is featured at


 This rich yet earthy tradition is depicted in the Tuscan style of interior design. The rustic vibrancy yet serene and earthy color schemes of the Italian landscape offer a very organic and beautiful charm reminiscent of an Italian villa on a hill surrounded by olive trees. See for more featured images.