Pumpkin Tea Lights That Last More Than One Season!

I recently spotted these adorable pumpkin tea light candles at elizadomestica.com.

PumpkinTeaLightsbyEliza Domestica

Being a bit of a frugal crafty myself, I prefer to make things that will last. So I took a trip to my local AC Moore craft store. I found four miniature fake pumpkins.


I first cut off the brown stems with an exacto knife.


Then I outlined the tea lights with a pencil.


Using my exacto knife again, I carefully cut out the circle and scraped out the material to match the depth of the tea light.


Then I inserted the tea lights. You want it to be a little bit of a tight squeeze, that way the white interior of the pumpkin won’t show. If some does show through, just use a yellow sharpie to touch up the area.


And voila! My very own mini pumpkin tea lights that will last more than one season!


Next time I’m going to try these apple candles, only with artificial ones! Forever the frugal crafter!